Concert movies count as movies right?

The Palladia network was showing Pink’s Funhouse Tour Live in Australia and so I watched it.

Here’s the trailer for the DVD:

[youtube CVZJNA90B70]

14. Pink, Funhouse Tour Live in Australia (Not available to stream on Netflix)

I’m assuming that many people who aren’t into pop music would write Pink off as one in a group of female pop stars.  However, you don’t have to go too far beyond that to find out that she is a pretty fantastic singer and songwriter.  This show takes it to a whole new level, as you find out that she’d be just as great as a member of the circus.  Her aerial abilities are demonstrated throughout the show, and amazingly, she sings while she’s doing it all!

Here’s a video of Pink, performing “Sober” while flying around, hanging upside down, etc.  Amazing.  This is from a European stop on her tour.

[youtube 06A0wqMem6A]

So I would definitely recommend a viewing of this to anyone who wants to see a really great show.  Pink sings, has personality, dances, has personality and showcases her amazing body.  I liked her a lot before, she seemed to buck the system just enough so that she is still successful but in such a way that she still gets to be herself.

Get to watching this!

The Pink, Funhouse Tour Live in Australia DVD is available from Amazon for $25.98.

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Things I Love on Valentine’s Day

by Jamie Sanford on February 14, 2011

I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person, I’m lucky and am married to my favorite person. We share the love all year so one day seems silly.

So I’ll post a list of things I love on this day of love.

[youtube 9oI27uSzxNQ]

I love that Arcade Fire won Album of the year at the Grammys! Watch a video for “Ready to Start.”

Pinterest is also fantastic – I have been wanting to have an office for ages so that I could create inspiration boards.  I don’t have that space for myself, but Pinterest lets me create something similar online. Follow me on Pinterest too!

This might seem cold, but it is a stunning day today.  It has been sunny and windy and I have the window open at work!  Fresh air!

I also love how hot Darren Criss looks in Out Magazine.

Finally, a puppy in a croc:


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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100 Films in 2011: But I’m A Cheerleader

by Jamie Sanford on February 10, 2011

Hello again everyone – my clear obsession with RuPaul is unrelated to the fact that I like this movie.

Well, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited that Ru is in the movie (as an ex-gay), but I didn’t see this movie because of RuPaul.  That was just a bonus.

9. But I’m A Cheerleader (Not available to stream on Netflix Instant Watch)

Let’s start with the trailer, which is rated R.

[youtube X_yjuTaRGx4]

But I’m A Cheerleader centers around Megan, played by Natasha Lyonne, a cheerleader that we find out doesn’t realize that she’s a lesbian.  Her friends and family bring in RuPaul for an intervention, and she’s off to True Directions, a camp to turn people straight.  We meet the other kids at the camp, but are intrigued by Graham, played by Clea Duvall.  The kids start going through their steps to heterosexuality and hilarity ensues – I won’t give it away because it’s funny and I’m not giving anything away beyond what’s in the trailer.

I will give away that Megan and Graham fall for each other, so it gets to be a sweet love story in addition to a comedy.

I can recommend But I’m A Cheerleader to anyone who likes romantic comedies – and this one has a great message stuck in there too, about being yourself even if it isn’t the most comfortable choice.

But I’m A Cheerleader is available on DVD from Amazon for $11.99.

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Etsy Gift Finder for Your Holiday Shopping

by Jamie Sanford on December 14, 2010

Someone pointed this out on Twitter the other day and I have to share it here.  The Etsy gift finder is completely brilliant, but does require use of good judgment.

So you visit the site, and you choose a Facebook friend and it provides gift suggestions based on the information they’ve given in their Facebook profiles.  My test subject is one of our favorite guest bloggers here at The Daily Wishlist, Kelly Kreth.

Kelly’s profile is really robust, so this page continues long after my screenshot here, but you get the idea.

I asked Kelly to comment on the results that came up for her:

“While I think the FaceBook/Etsy Gift Finder is a genius idea, it is better in concept than execution. After Jamie did mine and I found it way off base, I tried it on some other friends and it equally missed its mark.

Considering there are tons of profanities, dark and perverse status updates and pictures of the darker side of life on my FB page, the fact that the gift finder found dachshund pillows and tunic shirts that only a grandma in the Midwest would wear is disconcerting. I’m glad my computer is not allowed to purchase presents for me. Also, while I would never get a Kindle or any kind of e-reader, if I did, I certainly wouldn’t cover it in dachshund-themed coating.”

So clearly, the gift finder can give you some guidance, but you still need to have some sort of mental filter in place.  I used it for my friend Alex too and found some things I would definitely buy for her.

Side note: I really love Etsy, and even moreso, I love the idea of supporting individuals when buying things whenever possible.  I bought a vintage item from a seller recently and it was a quick and easy experience.  I’ve also purchased electronic/digital items this year, including the design of the updated logo and header for this very blog – from Etsy seller Winchester Lambourne, who I would highly recommend.

Anyway, get going on over to the Etsy Gift Finder if you’re still shopping, let Facebook and Etsy help you find a gift idea for anyone left on your shopping list.  It won’t solve all of your gifting issues, but may help you get on the right track.

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