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Instagram Roundup #58

by Jamie Sanford on September 25, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

My makeup storage was a mess, so I bought rolling drawers and now I have things like this lip drawer. It’s amazing how much more variety you put into your everyday makeup usage when you can see everything.

Always taking photos of fantastic old signage. “Ladie’s” is a bit painful.

I have a big box of stuff from my dad’s mother’s side of the family. I found this marriage certificate from 1889! Now I just need to figure out how Karl Peterson and I are related.

Also from the family box, this is the front page of a velvet-bound photo album that is full of portraits from the 1800s.

Photos like this. Look at that coat!

Stopped scanning family stuff for a rainy night out with the boys on Saturday.

Sunday’s scanning project was everything in this box that, as you can see, is absolutely falling apart. I get the impression that I might be looking at someone’s collection of photos, not necessarily that I’m related to these people, but that someone I was related to had all of these in their possession. I need to do a lot more research regarding photography from this time.

Here’s the clasp of the box, and you can see just how threadbare the outside is as well.

Spent Sunday night watching the Emmys, and tweeting, naturally.

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Instagram Roundup

by Jamie Sanford on March 30, 2012

Since I just talked yesterday about love for Instagram, and learned more about tilt shift, I decided to create a post following the recent days through the photos I posted. Here we go.

Noritake stemware in the new InStyle!
I had no idea that when I sent this black Noritake Palais Black stemware to InStyle that it would end up this pretty in the magazine!

Ken is sassy as ever.

I saw Ken in the grocery store. If he was human, I think I would see him out at certain bars I frequent.

Overlooking the armor @metmuseum.

Met Friday! Will and I have put good use to our Met memberships, we generally go on Friday nights when the museum is open until 9. I’m looking down at the armor gallery here.

Stained glass from a Brooklyn church in the 1800s. @metmuseum

This stained glass was recovered from an old church in Brooklyn.

Furniture shopping. @metmuseum

I started furniture shopping in the American Wing. Later on while walking through the home portion, I got excited and a little emotional because I was looking at things that could have been owned by my ancestors. This is a little bit more at the forefront of my mind because I’ve been actively using my account again. Way more on that to come.


Last week, I was in the Noritake showroom for a few days running. Since I started parking at a certain lot nearby, I always photograph the Flatiron Building when I walk by.  I can’t pass without doing it now, so I have a few shots from last week.  This is Wednesday morning.


Also Wednesday morning.

Foggy today.

Thursday was foggier.

Third time this week.

Friday was absolutely gorgeous.

NYC is totally Springtown.

Then on the way home, I started noticing that Spring is in full effect.


Went to a tiny county zoo with my visiting Dad on Saturday, and saw lots of gorgeous flowers. I wish I had thought to take a picture of Dad and me in the zoo.


One of my favorite Instagram photos yet, this tree was pink and stunning.

Chianti.Dinner with Dad and Will that evening at an Italian place that totally seems like it is a mob front – they shared the majority of this bottle of chianti. It was pretty delicious, but my chicken parm was the real winner.

They are mini!

Easter-themed crack, AKA Cadbury Eggs, come in minis! They are adorable in their little egg crate.

Bought as a novelty but it's actually a good lip balm.

I bought this Mountain Dew lip balm from ThinkGeek. I know it should be all wrong, but I really love it. It’s a way better result than the Bacon Lip Balm I bought, which is the most disgusting thing ever. Ew.


 This was in my fortune cookie today. Oddly timed – but like horoscopes, I’m sure this is just vague enough for me to think the universe is speaking to me. Maybe I have more skepticism than integrity?

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Lip Balm Reviews and Recommendations

by Jamie Sanford on July 27, 2011

Lip Balm Recommendations

I really love lip balm, I am constantly applying something to my lips to keep them moisturized and feeling healthy.  I’m not a big lipstick person, and I wear a lot of eyeliner so I like to keep the lip color to a minimum. You gotta keep the lips soft and moisturized though, chapped lips aren’t sexy. So, lip balm is a major part of my life.

So here are my lip balm reviews and recommendations!

Yes, I am 31 and recommending Boo Berry Lip Balm.  I bought this initially for some nostalgic goodness, but it turns out that this is a bangin’ lip balm. It is blue, super delicious and has a great texture, which can sometimes be a problem for me with lip balms.

Bonus is that the blue color can actually show up on the lips a bit, which I really like.  It gives my natural lip color a little something extra.

The Boo Berry Lip Balm is available from Perpetual Kid for $2.99.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve is next on my lip balm list.  While I do own a tin and enjoy it, it is not my favorite lip balm. However, it’s a great multi-use product, I have used it before to tame some frizzy hair and I understand its good for moisturizing cuticles as well.  In a pinch it will be a fine lip balm, but the texture of it is a little slippery for me.  I like something with a bit more heft to it, the the Smith’s Rosebud Salve doesn’t have that for me.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve is available from Amazon for $6.65.

Nivea Lip Care came into my life through the fabulous toiletries bag that one gets while flying Emirates.  It’s very nourishing and unisex, it has no color and doesn’t feel like a lipstick.  It’s about as light as it can be without being too light in texture for my personal taste.  It makes my lips feel soft and fabulous, and bonus to Emirates for providing quality products for those long flights when the stale air in the plane can wreak havoc on skin.

Nivea Lip Care “A Touch of Moisture” is available from Amazon for $2.50.

The classic, Chapstick is a great product.  Cherry is my favorite Chapstick flavor, so that’s what I’m sharing here, and I love it, but Chapstick isn’t as fulfilling for me as a lip treatment.  There are products on the market that are good for adding some color and are lip balm like, but don’t provide the name level of moisture that come from other thicker products.  However, having a Chapstick in your pocket or whatever is still a classic choice.  It will definitely keep your lips feeling moisturized and may even provide a little bit of color, but I would recommend using another product if your lips are already dry and chapped and need actual healing.

(Note that I am talking about Cherry Chapstick here – Medicated Chapstick is great when your lips aren’t in the best shape.)

Chapstick in Cherry is available from Amazon for $7.90 for a pack of 3.

I have run into a lot of Carmex haters, but this is a serious product. No, the look and feel of Carmex doesn’t have the sexy branding you can get from other products, but Carmex does the job.  If your lips are feeling dry or painful, slap on some Carmex and you are on your way to feeling better.  The only issue I’ve ever had with Carmex was my own fault, I left a pot of it in my car in the summer and nearly burned my lip off trying to put some on when I got in the car.  Carmex turns to LAVA in the sun.  So besides my own stupidity, I have nothing but love for Carmex.  I find it especially good for intense lip moisturizing overnight, put on a nice coat of Carmex before bed and your lips will be soft and supple when you wake up.

Carmex is available in a .5-ounce pot from Amazon for $2.05.

This is Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm.  It is my current favorite lip balm, but I only have 1 tube, and it’s on my desk at work.  Sadly, my husband hates the smell so I can’t be using it all the time at home without having to deal with a husband that doesn’t want to kiss me.  The smell is quite strong, it smells like beeswax candles to me, which is a scent that I really like.  The texture and weight of the product is amazing, it feels wonderful on my lips and leaves them feeling fabulous.

Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm is available on Amazon for $3.50.

I would love to get some opinions in the comments of this post, I know that everyone has their favorite lip balm and it seems to be a product that people are really into defending.  Let us have it!

Disclosure: I purchased all of the products mentioned in this post, with the exception of the Nivea Lip Care that I received via an Emirates flight toiletries bag.

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