Letting Go

Letting Go.

by Jamie Sanford on April 27, 2009

This is one in a series of posts pulled from Chris Brogan’s “100 blog topics I hope YOU write.” (#83)

This topic is vague and could be interpreted in a number of ways. I have definitely let go of some things in recent years and I am really proud of myself for having achieved some growth in that area. However, I have a long way to go.

A stream-of-consciousness list seems to be the best way to go about this.

I need to let go of my need to finish my to-do list at the office each day. I am perfectly aware of the fact that things can often take longer than initially expected, but I still do not like to leave for the day knowing that multiple items from my list will appear on the list tomorrow. This leads to staying at work too late on too many nights and it means that by the time I get home, I don’t want to do other things like write blog posts or clean my bathroom.

I need to let go of my need to sleep in, at least a little bit. I am a complete night person, but it results in getting about 6 hours of sleep on weeknight and then sleeping for 10-12 hours on the weekends. I should probably force myself to go to bed earlier on weeknights and get up earlier on weekends. Not rocket science, I know, but I have been doing this as long as I can remember.y

(Even though there’s a wonderful story that I just read about the benefits of staying up late and sleeping in that makes me feel justified.  Thanks to Caterina Fake for the link.)

I need to let go of the way I steer myself towards negativity. I notice this the most when I am disappointed with photos I’ve taken, while I pass over so many in a set that are great, because I’m annoyed with myself for not getting the exposure right or missing the selective focus I was trying to achieve. I think I expect too much to be perfect and it clouds my ability to see the good stuff that is there.

That’s all for now; 3 things is quite enough to work on at one time.

What do you need to let go of? Do you have trouble letting go?

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