Dr. Martens x Swarovski Shoe Party

by Jamie Sanford on April 4, 2012

How had I missed this? Dr. Martens x Swarovski?!  I have professed my love for DMs on this site before, particularly the wingtips I bought when I was about 15. (You definitely want to click that link and check out those shoes by the way, they are busted and amazing.)

So anyway, I finally caught wind of my dream combination of leather and sparkly crystals, so here we go with reviewing the collection and deciding which pair I want the most.

So this is Swarovski 1, and it’s the most basic of the bunch. The upper is made of Italian calf leather and patent leather. The leather looks buttery in the photograph so I have high hopes for it in person. However, I think if I’m going to get anything from this collection, I need them to sparkle. Swarovski 1 is available for $125.

This is better! Swarovski 2 loses the patent leather toe cap, and adds cute little Swarovski crystals sprinkled throughout.

What I think I really want is these shoes, with a toe cap covered in crystals. That would be amazing, since I generally wear my Docs with jeans, and only the toes stick out.

Anyway, Swarovski 2 is available for $275.

Boots! This is some classic Dr. Martens realness with some sparkle thrown in. I love that the crystals are only applied to the strap around the boot, I think it’s unexpected and am wondering if the strap is removable so I can wear is as a bracelet when I’m not wearing those boots.

Swarovski 4 is available for $350.

And now we are getting to the sexier portion of this collection. Swarovski 5 here is like Swarovski 2’s slutty sister.  Swarovski 5 is available for $425.

This is my favorite one! I would only prefer that this be a bootie without ankle coverage, but you can’t get everything you want. I also want to be able to remove that sassy shoe bondagey harness thing and put it over some regular black heels, so it would be helpful if it was removable. Swarovski 6 is available for $325.

So, any interest in the Dr. Martens x Swarovski collection for you? Check them all out here.

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Coach Leather Alexandra Satchel in Saffron (My Stuff)

by Jamie Sanford on January 24, 2012

New segment!

I did threaten a style project last year, and I have failed at it. I still mostly wear safe things that are black. The most exciting recent additions to my wardrobe are more skirts, which hardly count as earth-shattering. Either way, I am excited about certain pieces of clothing and accessories that I own, so let’s share that.

This is Alexandra, a Coach leather satchel that I received as a Christmas present from my husband.  I don’t normally do this, but I totally bought it for myself.  This beauty was a purchase from the Coach online outlet, which shows up a few times a year.  I got on the mailing list and so checked it out when I got the invitation.  As seen here on the cached page on the Coach site, the Alexandra satchel was originally $358, but I scored this one in Saffron for about $170. I also got a fabulous purple leather wallet.

Oh wow, it’s actually over $450 from an Amazon seller.

The only Coach item I’ve owned before was a pocket wallet that I got years ago at the Woodbury Commons outlet mall.  It has lasted through a lot of abuse and I use it all the time as my main wallet.  The purple one is quite big, so I use that one for all of the other cards and documents I need to have but don’t access very much.  I was drawn to these items specifically because they are not a big Coach logo fest, which I’m not into and have discussed before on the blog.  The leather is quite buttery and soft, and I really love this bag.  It’s a bit smaller than my recent bags which is an issue if I want to carry my camera around, but I can work it out.

DSC07629So, here is me with Alexandra, a few days after Christmas at the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg, FL.  Also in the photo are my vacation hair (flatiron free!), giant sunglasses, blue topaz necklace, black t-shirt, black velvet blazer, jeans and black boots.  Obviously, my new bag is the star of this otherwise standard/boring outfit.

More “My Stuff” posts hopefully to come soon.

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Northern Leather Items

by Jamie Sanford on May 13, 2011

Northern Leather is an Etsy seller based in Ontario.  I’m excited about this find because 1, I really like leather and 2, I like the idea of buying from an individual creating high-quality items.  All of these pieces look expensive, and yet I don’t think any of them are cost-prohibitive.

The Oak Leaf Western Belt from Northern Leather is available for $65 – different sizes can be ordered on an individual basis.

Product description:

Cut and crafted from the finest 9 oz. vegetable tanned leather, chosen for it’s unique grain pattern. Hand dyed an antique black color which highlights the embossing and unique grain pattern of the leather. Polished to a glowing finish with a waxed top coat to protect the leather. Edges are burnished smooth, and borders are all pattern embossed.

This piece is adorned with five bevel conchos along it’s length giving it special detail and adding to it’s western theme.

Measures 1.5 inches wide, and features a heavy antique nickel silver “wave” buckle, with embossed keeper. Removable screw posts are incorporated, so that a different buckle can be used as well, making this belt very versatile.

Leather for the whole family, the Little Stud Collar is available for $25 from Northern Leather.

This black studded leather dog collar is a smaller size. It is finished in a smooth glossy black, and features 3 – .5 inch studs. It is .75 inches wide, and fits a 13-16 inch neck. It has a nickel silver buckle, and a generous sized nickel silver D ring designed to accept tags and leashes.

This is the Ancient Celtic Knotwork cuff, which is available for $48 from Etsy merchant Northern Leather.

This is my personal favorite, I would definitely wear this.

Cut and crafted from the finest heavy 9oz. vegetable tanned leather, chosen for it’s grain pattern which features unique scarring and range marks. Hand dyed a rich antique black color, that gives it a cool vintage look. It was then treated with a wax top coat to enhance and protect the finish.

The highlight of this piece is the solid and thick metal endless knot pattern front and center which is surrounded by intricate embossed knot work patterns in the leather.

Fastens securely with two nickel silver dome snaps. 2.25 inches wide, and fits wrists 7 & 8 inches and under with two dome snap adjustments.

There are many more great leather items over at Northern Leather on Etsy, go check it out now.

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Nate Berkus Studded Leather Table

by Jamie Sanford on October 19, 2010

Celebrity product week continues.  This one actually makes sense, as Nate became famous because of his fabulous design skills.

So I checked out Nate’s line of products on HSN.com and I picked out this table that I really like.

Product description:

Looking for just that perfect piece to complete your room? The rich patchwork leather design of this table, accented by bold brass studs, makes it stand out in your home decor. Linear simplicity appeals to the contemporary and the studs speak to the traditional aesthetic.  With the added repetition of studs in the leg design for distinction and the bottom shelf for stability, your search is over.

The Nate Berkus Leather Table is available from HSN for $199.95.

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Avril Vegan Leather Handbag from Matt & Nat

by Jamie Sanford on March 20, 2010

Today’s item is a beautiful bag (I love the shape) from Matt & Nat.

Vegan leather has never looked this good.

Available for $135 from Matt & Nat.

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