2013 Holiday Wishlist

by Jamie Sanford on December 9, 2013

Holiday wishlist time! I update my Amazon Wishlist all year long, I think myself very useful for giving everyone at least 50 ideas of things I would like to receive. I am perfectly aware that not everyone wants to buy me a $2000 lens, but that’s why it is a wishlist.

Let’s get going on my 2013 list.

I think there’s always a Konstantino piece on everyone one of my wishlists. I love almost all of the pieces! The styling is just totally for me. This Pave London Blue Topaz ring is available from Neiman Marcus for $850.

BEAST camera. I just bought Will the Sony a77, but of course, my jealousy at his new shiny toy makes me want one too. This the biggest and baddest camera you can get from Sony right now, so I’m putting the a99 on my wishlist. Available from Amazon for $2,798.

The Bambi hat by Celapiu on Etsy. So cute for $45.

Another day, another deer for my home. This silver deer head wall sculpture is on sale for $66.

Black Christmas Tree! I have been mourning the fact that we will not have a tree again this year because we will be traveling, and I’m dreaming ahead to a time when I have a home with more than 1 tree in it. We have a normal tree now, but I have way too many things to fit on the current tree. Maybe I could go black and gold, since I have a LOT of gold stuff for the tree. This particular model is available for $174.95 from Amazon.

These are gorgeous, and Dr Martens! This is Arabella by Dr Martens, available for $407.48 on Amazon.

These are reminiscent of some Prada loafers I’ve wanted in the past. Buckled In by Irregular Choice, $169.95 via Solestruck.

That’s all for now. I could go nuts with adding lots more stuff, but this will do. I reserve the right for a part 2!

Let me know what is in your wishlist in the comments!

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2012 Birthday Wishlist

by Jamie Sanford on December 2, 2012

My birthday is coming up soon (December 7th), so here is my fantasy wishlist. My real Amazon wishlist is much more accessible. This one will be about expensive things that I don’t expect anyone to buy me!

I tend to not buy expensive sunglasses, but these are so gorgeous. They are also $290, from Nordstrom.

…except that I just found these for $10.99. Retro City Sunglasses ftw!

Miu Miu Runway Shiny Leather Buckle and Fringe Oxfords – these are on sale for $525 at Saks.

Love the blue and I want to touch the leather. Balenciaga Arena Giant 12 Rose Gold Velo in Bleut, $1,895 at Barney’s.

SO COOL. iPhone speaker doc that uses a vintage gramophone. $422 from ReAcoustic on Etsy.

I have wanted this for years. A pop girl piece by Hulbert Waldroup. A commissioned one would be even better.

Something else I have lusted after for a while. The Lancaster Leather Sofa from Restoration Hardware – the super deep Luxe edition. A mere $4,175.

I love Konstantino jewelry, and definitely would love this London Blue Topaz Crown Ring for $850. Neiman Marcus has a great selection of Konstantino jewelry.

The last item are these Miu Miu jeweled suede platform sandals. Also from Neiman Marcus, for $2100. These are a bit much but they remind me so much of a pair of YSL shoes that I was obsessed with years ago, so I want them.

That’s all – I will be spending a lot less money for my birthday but I intend on having fun which is priceless! Have a good week everyone.

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Instagram Roundup #3

by Jamie Sanford on July 22, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Love this Konstantino bracelet.
Saw this Konstantino bracelet at the Off 5th while outlet shopping. Marked down to 3 grand still didn’t meet my budget. Gorgeous bracelet though.

Apparently the switch light means that it is on.
This was confusing during a cab ride on a day when NYC was 100 degrees.

I love this shot of Will at the NJ Meadowlands Fair. We go every year, and it is so random and yet incredibly enjoyable.

At least we are sharing?
We also shared deep-fried Oreos. They were so bad but so good.

That's a deep fried grilled cheese.
Went back to the fair with David and Marty, and ate deep-fried grilled cheese. It was too much bread product, not enough cheese. The powdered sugar really helped.

Macarons are happening.
I introduced David to macarons after we spent the day shopping. I should probably write a whole blog post about how I am obsessed with macarons and have watched about 40 YouTube videos on how to make them.

@davidfmvaughn and I in the photo booth.
I can’t tell you how much I love this strip of photos of David and I. I had a blast while he was here, but it makes me miss him even more.

Playing Skyrim has affected my view of certain flowers.
I’ve been playing Skyrim a lot because it is like gaming’s equivalent of crack, and every time I see flowers that look like those in the game, I want to pick them.

@donttrythis & @jamienotweet made me nervous about being in a car in water. #mythbusters
Watching Mythbusters enough to have seen 2 episodes where they test if you can get out of your car when it is sinking into a body of water has made me really nervous. So much so that I have picked up this amazing multi-tool, the most important tool being the glass hammer so I can break the windows and make a run for it if my car ever ends up in water.

My new favorite keychain.
This picture sucks, but you get the idea. I have more to say about it in an upcoming post, but for now, it’s my new favorite keychain.

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Konstantino Jewelry for My Birthday

by Jamie Sanford on December 7, 2010

It’s my birthday!

I will keep it short and sweet today – another guest post is coming your way tomorrow.

I would pretty much like anything from the Konstantino Color Collection available from Neiman Marcus.

Large range of prices, no range in fabulousness.

Have a lovely day everyone!

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