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Father of the Bride (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on August 25, 2011

55. Father of the Bride (Available to stream on Netflix, not available digitally on Amazon)

Here is the trailer for Father of the Bride.

[youtube bKSmMr0uOHk]

Father of the Bride is another on my list of “movies I have seen way too many times.”  It’s one I will leave on if I find it on television, I don’t know if I have ever watched it on DVD or seen it all in one shot.

Father of the Bride is the tale of George Banks, a happily married man who has 2 kids.  His daughter comes home from a trip to Europe and announces her engagement.  The rest of the movie follows the family as they meet the in-laws and plan and execute what turns out to be quite a large wedding.

Steve Martin is great as George Banks, alongside Diane Keaton as his wife Nina.  Kimberly Williams plays their daughter Annie, and Macaulay’s little brother Kieran Culkin plays their young son Matty.  However, Martin Short and BD Wong steal the show as the wedding coordinators Franc and Howard.

I love this movie – although I find myself being embarrassed at how Steve Martin’s character behaves at times.  The wedding coordinators in this movie make me jealous that I didn’t have one when I got married.  I can definitely recommend this movie to anyone, it’s an easy romantic comedy and has a lot of heart.

Father of the Bride is available on DVD from Amazon for $12.19.

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