Wrought Iron Haven Holiday Shopping

by Jamie Sanford on December 2, 2011

I was introduced to Wrought Iron Haven a few years ago when I was searching for a basic coat rack for the wall in my new apartment. I was annoyed with how much Pottery Barn wanted, and eventually found a perfect option from Wrought Iron Haven.

It’s just what I wanted! Black, basic, holds coats. This coat rack is available from Wrought Iron Haven for $39.95.

I got an email from WIH today about holiday specials, so I decided to shop around some more.  There are lots of things available that I love, and some that are random.

Bathroom decor realness. The Wrought Iron Ribbon Tissue Holder is available for $19.95.

You knew I’d find the deer items. This Wrought Iron Deer Key Rack, which I would totally use to hang necklaces, is available for $15.95.

I have a frog keychain that my parents gave me YEARS ago. I think that a cool keychain is something you might actually have for a lifetime.  Based on how solid and amazing my coat rack is, I have a feeling that this maple leaf keychain has some heft and would be a great gift for someone. The Wrought Iron Maple Leaf key ring is available for $5.95.

This is supposed to be a cat. Doesn’t it look like a primate though? The Wrought Iron Cat outlet cover is available for $10.95.

That’s more like it. Totally deer-a-rific. The Wrought Iron Deer outlet cover is available for $10.95.

Then before you leave the site, you should buy this adorable squirrel magnet. The Wrought Iron Squirrel magnet is available for $6.95.

There are lots of other fun things available from Wrought Iron Haven, and I suggest you check them out, pronto. Plus, if you sign up for their mailing list, you get $10 off of your next order!

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Greener Grass Design Shopping

by Jamie Sanford on September 29, 2011

Greener Grass Design Shopping

Today I’m featuring some items from Greener Grass Design, a great online shop based in Houston. I bookmarked the site a while back and finally got to go through and pick out some of my favorites.

Key Bottle Opener, $14. Since I also love the Utilikey, I can definitely get behind this sneaky key bottle opener.  More things should be available as sneaky keys.

Speaking of drinking, check out this beautiful wine rack.  (My current issues with wine racks though is that I use a wine refrigerator, and I think it is much preferred, but I can’t resist the look of a great wine rack.)  Grape Wine Rack, available for $160 from Greener Grass Design.

Another key item, this time a little 4GB USB drive. It will be tricky to get it on my keychain but I would try.  The Cle USB is available from Greener Grass Design for $54.

This is awesome! Who doesn’t need a big heavy roller skate as a bookend/doorstop/art piece? This chrome roller skate is available for $190 from Greener Grass Design.

What items do you like from Greener Grass Design? Check out their site and leave a note in the comments!

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The Utili-Key

by Jamie Sanford on March 4, 2010

The Utili-Key is something I have purchased in the past, and I find it hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t have a user for this at some point.

The Utili-Key features include a Micro Eyeglass Flat Screwdriver, a Flat Screwdriver, a Phillips Screwdriver, a Serrated Knife Blade, a Straight Knife Blade and a Bottle Opener.

I did learn from experience though that you should remind the recipient of this gift to remove the Utili-Key from their keychain before heading to the airport.  It does not get through security in all airports.

The Utili-Key is a fabulous deal for $6.95 on Amazon.

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