Wooden Keyboard Trays

by Jamie Sanford on November 3, 2010

Today we have a beautiful wooden keyboard tray, made in both right and left-hand versions.

Beautiful! Here’s the product description:

Our keyboard tray is designed to combine the mac wireless keyboard and trackpad into one clean unit. We offer a left handed and a right handed version. Every aspect of the tray’s design and production is sustainable. We use whole and solid-joined hardwoods, water based glue, and a food safe oil finish to make them. The wood is sustainably harvested in North America. Our trays are made in Vancouver, Canada by local artists.

This lovely Canadian product is available for $110.

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Glowing Keyboard Stickers

by Jamie Sanford on September 2, 2010

Today, cute stickers to make your keyboard much more useful in the dark.

I think this might be one that I need to buy.

The Glowing Keyboard Stickers do not glow in the dark. Instead, they are made of a high quality fluorescent print that reflects any ambient source of light – even the dimmest light source! Like your desktop or laptop’s monitor, or a small USB light. Sure they take a little while to put on, but not that long. And once you can type better in the dark, you’ll be a happy monkey, too.

The glowing keyboard stickers are available for $9.99 from ThinkGeek.

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Recycled Keyboard Pencil Cup

by Jamie Sanford on May 18, 2010

I do enjoy items made of recycled materials.  In college, I took a faulty keyboard and painted it before hanging it on the wall.  It was hideous, but my intention was clear.

Today I’m featuring a cute desk item, a pen/pencil cup made from recycled keyboard keys.

The cup is available in round or square options, and is $11.99.

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Save Key Bank

by Jamie Sanford on April 14, 2010

Today’s item is very cute and on sale.

This change bank is shaped in the form of a keyboard key – naturally, it’s the save key.

The save key bank is available from Uncommon Goods, and is on sale for only $4.99.

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Blackmail Keyboard

by Jamie Sanford on March 13, 2010

This is not for everyone, but I know a few people who would get a great kick out of the blackmail keyboard.

Available now from the Conran shop for a mere $11.25.

Something I think would be perfect for the techy person you know who bought parts from Tiger Direct and built their own computer.

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