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Formula One -Derland: #CiaoJules

by Jamie Sanford on July 21, 2015

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I stopped my regular posts about Formula One last year after the season ended, but had to share this. Jules Bianchi passed away on Friday night, having never regained consciousness after his terrible accident in Suzuka last year during the Japanese Grand Prix. He was only 25.


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Formula One -Derland: Germany 2013

by Jamie Sanford on July 9, 2013

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After serious troublemaking by the tires during the race in Great Britain, Pirelli brought some kevlar to the party at the super-famous Nurburgring. New tires again in a few weeks in Hungary!

Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso wasn’t at the race, preferring to send his evil twin again.

Felipe “Breathe-Right” Massa clearly doesn’t take tips from Alonso on eyebrow maintenance.

I added Paul di Resta back to my F1FRL fantasy team, and he managed to not make it out of the second round of qualifying. Thanks Paul.

Lewis Hamilton stuck it to Sebastian Vettel by smoking him for pole at Vettel’s home race. I love Lewis’ smirky victory face, but not more than Mark Webber‘s look.

Unfortunately for Lewis, the Red Bulls were NOT KIDDING and pummeled him back to third position right at the start of the race.

In a rare sight in Formula One, Jules Bianchi‘s car sort of exploded from the back and then was on fire while he was still in it. In his rush to get out, he forgot the E-brake and the car went rolling back onto the track with no driver.

Worse than the car fire was the hideous accident involving Mark Webber’s pitstop, showing yet again that Webber can’t catch a break. The team didn’t properly attach his rear right tire, and it went rolling away right after he pulled out of the stop. The tire caught something and flew in the air, and slammed into a cameraman, who hit the ground incredibly hard, and has broken bones. Awful, and not Webber’s fault. He managed to return to the race after getting a tire attached, and finished amazingly well from the back of the pack.

Vettel won the race, but a few more laps and he would have been in trouble, since the Lotus drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean were ALL OVER HIM. It was nice to see Vettel actually work, since he tends to get in the front and then just drive leisurely around the track, which is boring. Also super close to the podium was Alonso, who had Grosjean within a second when the race ended.

Note in this picture that even during happy times with the champagne, Kimi is not impressed.

So Vettel increases his lead in the championship, which sucks, because I want it to be close! 11 races left in the season, let’s keep it exciting. I will go ahead and not be completely bitter about this one though, because it was Vettel’s home race, and he got to address the crowd in German, and he seemed so excited. I think he sometimes seems almost bored after winning, so this was a nice change.

3 weeks to Hungary, and then the summer break before Spa!

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Formula One -Derland: Monaco 2013

by Jamie Sanford on June 4, 2013

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Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso and Lewis Hamilton chatted before the race. I would love to know what they chat about.

Lewis also chatted with AdrianI Stabbed A GuySutil. This is particularly interesting because they used to be BFFs but after the stabbing incident, Lewis declined to testify and Sutil called him a coward. Drama!

Speaking of Lewis, this is his special helmet design for the Monaco race. That’s him with girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, and his dog Roscoe.

In important fantasy news, I had chosen a bonus of “pole sitter” for this race, because I know that there is a way greater chance of the pole sitter winning the race in Monaco, because passing opportunities are at a minimum. It was a Mercedes front row, and although Hamilton tried his hardest to pass his teammate at the race start, Nico Rosberg kept this spot at the top.

My boy Fernando Alonso didn’t have the best day, having started in the 3rd row and finishing there too.

This race was full of accidents. There were 2 safety car periods and a full red-flagged stop. This is Pastor Maldonado‘s car and the pieces of it after he plowed into the barriers. Since this is a street race, the barriers are all temporary, and he managed to dislodge them in a BIG way.

The other participant in this accident was Jules Bianchi, who had a bent wing. I was surprised by this because we so often just see the front wings disintegrate into thousands of pieces upon impact.

Nico managed to hold the lead through the ENTIRE race, which gets trickier when any lead you might have developed shrinks to nothing behind the safety car.

…and Nico won the race! Behind him were the Red Bulls of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

In addition to giving me tons of fantasy points, I’m happy for Nico. His father Keke won this race 30 years ago (before Nico was even born), and Nico lives in Monaco, so although he is German, this is really his home race. Congratulations Nico!

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