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Instagram Roundup #34

by Jamie Sanford on April 3, 2013

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Will knew I had been a bit stressed lately. He bought me this lovely band to let me know he was proud, and he knows I love sparkly things. The band goes perfectly with this amethyst ring he bought for me a few Christmases ago.

Spring is trying like hell to spring, but it is still pretty cold here. Here’s hoping for a warmer weekend.

I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead a while back and finally bought a juicer recently. While I have not committed to a full juice fast/reboot, I am trying to juice 2 meals a day to kind of work up to it. I have been feeling hungry by the end of the day, but the entire day goes by without feeling it much at all. I have been definitely inspired by the Juicy Queens, Azraea and Leopolitan, who are doing a 60-day juicing stretch! I made this sign for my desk at work with the Keep Calm generator.

I want this station wagon.

The Dreaming Tree is one of my favorite songs. I had never tried the wine, and unfortunately, I probably won’t ever try it again.

We went hunting for some Brazilian food items on Saturday, and found lots of interesting items.

This did not smell delicious.

I RARELY cook, but receiving soup crocks from Nan (delivered by Dad) made me want some French Onion Soup. So, on Saturday night, I took something like 3 hours to make the soup. It was nuts! Super delicious results though. I’m planning on a much easier cream of mushroom soup for this week. It’s going to be too hot for soup soon enough.

Have a good week!

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Sights & Sounds 40

by Jamie Sanford on March 26, 2013

Sights and Sounds #40

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[youtube WBJMQg36Mg4]

Juice Reboot + Drag Queens = LIFE.

[youtube xJ636Y8N6E8]

Unrelated, since I need to get in on said Juice Reboot, another video about making macarons.

[youtube aUaInS6HIGo]

This is super interesting, a basic presentation of data on how walking for 30 minutes a day can significantly change your health and chances for a longer life.

Here’s an image from the Irish Thanksgiving we went to a few weeks back. That’s Tiffany holding Seamus O’Camel, and her husband John attempting to pin the shamrock on the camel. Will is photobombing in the back. Mostly I just think that Tiffany’s expression is PERFECT. I love it.

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