Lisa for Donald J. Pliner Shoe Party

by Jamie Sanford on August 31, 2011

Lisa for Donald J. Pliner is my latest shoe obsession. Introduced to me by Marie Denee, AKA The Curvy Fashionista, this line is designed by Donald’s wife Lisa.  My eye was immediately caught by the fabulous green sole, because it is such a classic, gorgeous shade of green.  Bonus, the shoes are cute too!  I bought a pair of DJP boots last year and they were fast favorites, so I am now a big fan of the brand, and am really excited to see this new line.  Here are a few of my favorites.

These are super fabulous but it’s unlikely that I would be wearing them. The heel is very thin and high.  Loving those flowers though. INK by Lisa for Donald J. Pliner, on sale for $212 at Zappos.

I love a wedge.  They make your calves look good and you can walk in them for more than a block without stopping! KASI by Lisa for Donald J. Pliner, $325 at Zappos.

I saw these platform pumps first and they are my favorite! Plus, black heels are that much more interesting with a bit of texture. RAZ by Lisa for Donald J. Pliner, $315 at Zappos.

Check out the entire DJP collection at Zappos here.  Which are your favorite?

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The Vampire Diaries

by Jamie Sanford on February 7, 2011

The 3 stars of The Vampire Diaries which airs on the CW on Thursday nights.

At this point, I try not to watch too many new shows because I don’t want to watch any more television than I already do.  However, in the fall of 2009, I recorded the first episode of a new show called The Vampire Diaries, because I am into Twilight and I’ll try out other vampire stuff.  (Surprisingly, I watched the first season of True Blood and wasn’t super into it.)

Here’s the trailer for the pilot episode of the show:

[youtube olDWd-CnxO8]

It gets so much better than that.

The best part about getting sucked into The Vampire Diaries is that my Twilight-hating husband likes it too!  He started watching the show with me from behind his computer but soon enough, he was actually sitting on the couch, watching it with me.  This never happens but with this show, you need to watch.  They don’t mess around, every episode has big things happening.  There are no “throwaway” episodes here.  Plus, the major trio of characters (well, there are 4 if you count that Nina Dobrev plays 2 characters) are all hot and the boys have their shirts off a lot.

Anyway, I would almost not recommend watching new episodes of this show.  I would say go get this DVD of Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries right now.

This DVD set of The Vampire Diaries, season 1, is available from Amazon for $38.99.

Season 2 won’t end until May, but if you really want to catch up after watching season 1, then you can watch episodes on demand from Amazon for $1.99 an episode.

Let these hotties draw you in to this show:

Are you already watching this show? If not, have I piqued your interest?

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