Information Architects Web Trend Map.

by Jamie Sanford on April 9, 2009

Photo credit, O Pirata on Flickr.

In final beta now, the Web Trend Map from Information Architects is gorgeous.

“It maps the 333 most influential web domains and the 111 most influential internet people onto the Tokyo Metro map.”

You can also see a big giant version here on Flickr.

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When to Cut Back on Web Habits.

by Jamie Sanford on April 8, 2009

This is one in a series of posts pulled from Chris Brogan’s “100 blog topics I hope YOU write.” (#54)

When to cut back on web habits:

  • when you start referring to family members as @theirtwittername
  • when you start thinking about what hashtags would be applicable to live conversations
  • when you don’t remember the last time you spent a day free from internet access
  • when you stay up too late/ignore other responsibilities because you are obsessed with reviewing everything in your feed reader

I also asked this question on Twitter: What makes you realize you need to step away from the computer/internet for a while?

  • From BlankStareKY: i can’t help you — i’m so into the internet right now i’m almost the lawnmower man. that’s a reference only cool people get.
  • From BlankStareKY: OH! i have one! if you’re tweeting references to The Lawnmower Man then maybe you need to step away for a while. that counts.
  • From SparklingAmber: when I check my feeds and there is nothing, because I just read them all a few minutes ago, and nobody has blogged yet.. time!
  • From computerguyz: My eyes begin to cross each other

Thanks to everyone who participated in my mini-poll.  Anyone else with thoughts on this topic?

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