Inflight Comfort Kit

Inflight Comfort Kit

by Jamie Sanford on June 3, 2010

We all know someone who travels often.

I used to have periods of time where I’d be on something like 6-8 flights in a matter of days, during a time when I traveled for work.  Those times are gone, and I am no longer “elite” with the airline because I fly so rarely.

That being said, I did fly in April, and I was reminded of why my husband and I have been enjoying road trips so much.  Flying sucks now! They charge you for everything, its uncomfortable, and its one of the only situations where everyone in one place wants to be somewhere else. So today, we have the Inflight Comfort Kit.

Get upgraded! In Flight Comfort Kit features inflatable jersey neck pillow, earplugs, padded jersey eye mask, wet wipes and 10 sheets of paper soap. Also includes drawstring pouch, for easy carrying.

If you have to get on a cramped plane for a few hours (or know someone who does it often), the Inflight Comfort Kit is available from Flight 001 for $22

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