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100 Films in 2011: How to Be

by Jamie Sanford on March 7, 2011

How to Be is a small, independent film, released in 2009. I decided to watch it because Robert Pattinson is in it.  No shame.

So obviously, he got a lot hotter when he embraced his Edward Cullen haircut.

Here’s the trailer for How to Be.

[youtube XQBPAmnAlOk]

16. How To Be (Available to stream via Netflix Instant Watch and Amazon Instant Video)

Robert Pattinson plays Art, a college graduate in his 20s(who works as a stocker at the grocery store and who plays guitar and writes songs), having an alleged quarter-life crisis.  His girlfriend breaks up with him and he goes home to live with his parents who seem completely disinterested and mostly annoyed by him.  He reads a self-help book and ends up sending a check and a letter to the author – a Canadian who ends up flying to England to act as Art’s life coach.

The story progresses and Art works with the doctor to figure out how he can normalize himself and be happy.  He quits/gets fired from his job, continues to toy with music with friends, and works to get his parents to take a walk with him and the doctor so that they can have family bonding time.  Said family bonding is incredibly painful to watch, Art’s parents are awful and are so wrapped up in themselves and how they think their son is a mess.  They would rather ignore him and hope that he becomes normal than to try and accept him and try to support his musical endeavors.

It is painful at times to watch, which is clearly the point.  Will Art find a way to become normal, or will he accept that he is who he is?  You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

How To Be is available on DVD from Amazon for $10.99.

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