Inauguration 2009

CNN/Facebook connection for the inauguration.

by Jamie Sanford on January 21, 2009

I connected to CNN Live this morning through Facebook. has activity numbers that are pretty mind-blowing.

CNN Live/Facebook - Inauguration 2009.

It was really nice to connect with my Facebook friends as well as everyone else who had logged on to CNN Live through Facebook. 

In addition, I think this will be Facebook’s coming out party for those who have chosen to see social media as “kid stuff,” being in constant fear of “not looking professional.”  We’ve been trying to sell this to them for months, perhaps CNN can help to seal the deal.

Unfortunately, as the swearing in of both the VP and the President became imminent, the CNN connection became incredibly spotty, cutting in and out.  I knew I would be unable to sit through the oath and speech with less than perfect reception, and I figured that since I had access to a television (in the cafeteria in the office), that if I disconnected, that perhaps I would help someone without television access have a better video connection.  I posted a few photos of the cafeteria crowd from my phone on my Facebook profile.

After returning from the cafeteria, I came back online to a much better CNN connection, and I logged back in through Facebook to see the status updates happening from people all over the world.  It’s such a positive message, most people being optimistic about the future and happy to see this day of significant change in the leadership of the United States.

Congratulations to both CNN and Facebook, this connection is a marvelous success.

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