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This is another short post about a feature I don’t like about a website. I really hope to find good things to talk about soon!

I have recently been rearranging some things in my home and it became necessary to shop for a small desk to be utilized as a vanity. Naturally, I head over to IKEA’s website to look at options, because I know that they will have at least a few for me to look at and compare.

When I get into the searching, I realize that I should pin a few of the ones I like, because I don’t know exactly how wide I want this item to be.

This one looks like an option. I click the “Pin it” button so that I can put it on my Home board on Pinterest.

This is weird. Why isn’t it showing me the product photo? It also isn’t offering me a chance to pin any of the secondary images for this product. I add it anyway, hoping that it will suddenly work when actually pinned.

Not so much. I pinned 3 desks to my Home board just to make sure that this was happening, and it did, every time.

IKEA is WAY TOO BIG to have an error of this magnitude on their website. I am frankly stunned that I am finding this issue.

Even more stunned when I see IKEA’s significant presence on Pinterest:

That’s a lot of followers, and they have a lot of content. I am stunned at this discovery.

Here’s hoping that someone at IKEA will see me tweet about this and reply.

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IKEA bookbook(tm) | Brand Experience Feature

by Jamie Sanford on September 4, 2014

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This is a Brand Experience feature today – I was sent this video by a colleague and was just super entertained and loved it so much. Charming and brilliant and making a catalog into something fun.

Good job IKEA! (Or, IKEA’s ad agency.)

[youtube MOXQo7nURs0]


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Instagram Roundup #52

by Jamie Sanford on August 14, 2013

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We went to IKEA! Will asked to go, so I’m not sure why he was so unhappy about it.

I’m still reading lots of back issues of Martha Stewart Living and Gourmet.

This is Electrify by China Glaze, from the Hunger Games collection. This polish is absolutely STUNNING in real life.

I’m making major progress with purging and organizing my desk and the surrounding areas at the office (yes, this is progress). It feels quite freeing.

On Friday, I stopped at Ulta after work, and then, had received a package with my Pantene prize pack that I won on Twitter via Sarah, AKA @styleit. I can’t wait to try these out and write about them.

I picked the day with the monsoon to go to the showroom. At least my umbrella is cute.

I am really looking forward to fall.

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Roomspiration: Expedit by IKEA

by Jamie Sanford on May 27, 2013

Today, I’m going to talk about everyone’s favorite IKEA product: EXPEDIT. I have an installation of EXPEDIT in my living room, a 4×4 shelving unit with the EXPEDIT desk attached. The desk is incredibly big and I love it.

This is a very old picture of the EXPEDIT in my living room. This isn’t really my desk anymore – Will uses this space 99.5% of the time. We have Billy bookshelves all along the back wall there. (I am totally IKEA’s bitch.)

The reason I wanted to talk about it was that I love the different ways I see EXPEDIT used in different ways. Bedrooms, offices, kitchens, as a room divider, etc. Here’s a collection of EXPEDIT images from Pinterest.


Source: chezlarsson.com via QVC on Pinterest

Source: how-do-it.com via Marina on Pinterest


Does anyone have EXPEDIT in their home or office? Share in the comments!



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Instagram Roundup #8

by Jamie Sanford on October 3, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I always get a kick out of this Tesla bust I pass on 25th when I’m heading to the Noritake showroom. It’s in front of a church.

Good times in tunnel traffic.

We went to IKEA for some staple items, looked for some new things for our same apartment (not moving anymore), and naturally bought some snacks.

I love this picture of my Dad. His skinny tie is amazing.

I found great Halloween stuff at Target. I was alone while shopping and it’s a miracle that I didn’t spend a fortune on random Halloween items.

I took some photos of friends who are getting married in a few weeks, and I absolutely love this shot of my friend Natasha. She looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to go to the wedding.

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