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2012: The Year in Instagram (Q4)

by Jamie Sanford on December 30, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!


Spent some time drafting pattern descriptions.

New kicks!

We are in the storage unit, again.

Fall Tabletop Market. Lots of Flatiron photos.

Tiffany and John’s wedding.

I got this close to Martha Stewart at the MS Weddings party but she was whisked away before I managed a photo of us together.

Lost Will at the party, then found him at the bar. I really love this photo.

Me and most of the Spices at Tasha’s wedding.

Fall was falling near the end of October.

Then Hurricane Sandy came and took the power away. We were lucky enough to only have to deal with a lack of power for a few days.

I watched this tree fall from my window. We saw lots of trees downed by the storm, but again, we were lucky to have not had any flooding in our immediate area.


Unsurprisingly, I voted in the election for Barack Obama.

My favorite fortune of the year.

I tried to make macarons. It didn’t go well.

Perhaps my best clothing purchase of the year was this ASOS Curve owl sweater.


Ice wines before the Dave Matthews Band show on December 1. Unfortunately the worst setlist I’ve ever had at a DMB show.

I had a birthday outing at Suite with Jason.

This was the best birthday present.

Getting early Christmas gifts was a lot of fun. I got wonderful MAC stuff from my in-laws.

We traveled to Florida again for the holidays.

My husband and brother scattered deer corn across the pond from my parents’ house to draw in the deer. It totally worked, we saw 4 bucks while we were there.

I hung out with my favorite canine nephew, Cooper.

This amazing picture of Will was probably my most liked image on Facebook this year. That apron isn’t joking.

Went to Weeki Wachee with Mom and Will. I hadn’t seen a manatee in ages so I was really excited about this.

We went to the Sponge Docks after Weeki Wachee. Here’s my mom and I in a Christmas ball – Will is in the back.

We came home to spend the rest of the year avoiding the cold.

It’s December 30, 2012. One more post, a proper recap.

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Instagram Roundup #12

by Jamie Sanford on November 6, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Hurricane Sandy edition!

Power has been back for a few days but it has taken a minute to catch up. We were EXTREMELY lucky in that all we really had to deal with was 4 days without power and the ongoing gas shortage issue, but we are fine. I encourage everyone to get out and donate and do what you can to help the people who are still without power, or who can’t be in their homes.

A shot of the window, covered in rain. Note the tree you can see on the left there.

Not too long after the last picture, our power went out. Our apartment smelled good because all of my emergency candles were scented.

This is the tree I mentioned earlier. I actually watched it fall over, after watching it flail about for a few hours. Insane.

Our little tree was nothing compared to some of the massive trees we saw in our town that had been pulled out of the ground.

We used our 2 netbooks to watch videos in the dark. As soon as the daylight was gone, there was really nothing to do. Sitting on the couch with candles and Anchorman was a good time.

We took the opportunity to clean out a storage closet in our living room. We went to Home Depot to buy storage containers (perhaps not the best idea) and this was the sign outside.

Later that afternoon, I hid under a blanket while Will read to me from a Brazilian health textbook from the 70s. Please excuse the hot mess of storm supplies and whatnot.

We went out for dinner on Thursday and found that Friday’s had just opened. This was the limited menu offered to us. We were just happy to be somewhere with lights and hot food.

…but they had vodka and cranberry juice, which made the whole limited menu thing even easier.

We got our power back on Friday afternoon. My thoughts are with everyone who will be dealing with the aftereffects of this storm for a long time to come.

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