Blooming Garden Tea Gift Set

by Jamie Sanford on August 18, 2010

Day 3 of “Sale Items from Uncommon Goods” week.

I loved this because I’ve recently been introduced to the blooming tea ball by a coworker.

Look at how pretty the blooming tea flower is! Here’s the product description:

You can’t have a tea party by yourself! This beautiful gift set includes a handmade heat resistant borosilicate glass teapot (with removable inner glass filter for loose tea leaves), two matching cups and saucers, and six flowering teaposies.

Each teaposy is made from premium Silver Needle White Tea leaves and whole dried flowers that are hand-crafted with natural cotton thread. Add hot water and watch the teaposy slowly unfurl, revealing a flower that blossoms from within the tea leaves. The delicate and complex tea is a treat for your taste buds as well. Each blossom medley includes six individually vacuum-sealed blooming teas: heart of love, falling water, butterfly, calendula, lady fairy, and noble essence. Made in China.

Sold as a set of one teapot, one filter, two cups and saucers, and six assorted teaposies.

Very cute, and if the tea is like what I have had, it will be delicious. If you would like to read more on gift sets hop over to this post on pursuitist.

The cute blooming tea gift set is on sale for $39.99 from Uncommon Goods.

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Rosemary Mint Goat’s Milk Soap

by Jamie Sanford on August 6, 2010

Today, an item from Etsy seller WickedSoaps, who has a shop full of items that look fantastic.

This particular soap was featured on the Etsy homepage today!

A refreshing blend of fresh rosemary mixed with revitalizing mint in our natural goat’s milk soap. A wickedly invigorating concoction!

Why use goat’s milk soap? Lactic acid helps smooth skin by exfoliation, and milk also contains Vitamins A and D, whose benefits include giving skin strength and suppleness. Goat’s milk also has the same pH as human skin, therefore, it benefits the skin by protecting from daily bacterial and chemical invasions. Our goat’s milk soap is amazingly mild and hypo-allergenic. All natural, phthalate, paraben, and SLS free.

This cute soap is available for a mere $5 on Etsy.

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Achatz Four-Berry Pie

by Jamie Sanford on August 1, 2010

Short and totally sweet today, here’s the signature pie from the Achatz bakery in Michigan that was featured in Food & Wine magazine.

Yum. A full four-berry pie from Achatz is available for $35.95.

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MoMA Color Wheel Umbrella

by Jamie Sanford on July 24, 2010

This adorable color wheel umbrella is available from Amazon for $39.99.

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Nostalgic Candy Collections

by Jamie Sanford on July 11, 2010

I have seen these before and absolutely love the idea.  Candy collections featuring candy from your era of choice.

Here is the one I’m most likely to buy, the 80s candy collection!

I’m especially excited about the Atomic Fireballs in there.

You can get boxes from the 1940s through the 1990s, and they are available for $32.50 on Amazon.

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