Las Vegas Vow Renewal: Photo Inspiration

by Jamie Sanford on November 8, 2011

Countdown to Las Vegas continues – now it is time to look at other people’s photos and use them as ideas to create our photos for the big vow renewal.  I am definitely planning a trip to the famous Las Vegas sign for some photos, but let’s get some concrete ideas down first.

Love this one from Kristen Joy Photography.

Also enjoying this one with the “Eiffel Tower” in the background, from The Knot.

Not so much a wedding photo, but this from msmail on Flickr is a pretty silhouette.

What iconic photos should we strive for while in Vegas? Leave suggestions in the comments!

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Charlie’s Angels (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on August 27, 2011

56. Charlie’s Angels (available for streaming via Netflix and Amazon)

Here’s the trailer for Charlie’s Angels.

[youtube yBVM-oXoYaQ]

Charlie’s Angels was one in a slew of TV shows turned into movies happening in the late 90s and onward.  However, it was actually enjoyable, so it was better than many of its contemporaries.  Starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, Charlie’s “angels” are a crimefighting team working for a private investigation firm backed by an anonymous millionaire named Charlie.

So, the premise is obviously based in a realistic scenario.

This is a fun, girl-power type of movie – but for both genders because the girls also happen to be hot.

Lots of action and good performances by the supporting cast including Bill Murray, Sam Rockwell, Crispin Glover and a personal favorite of mine, Tim Curry.  Charlie’s Angels is a remake that surpassed my original experience with the TV show.

Charlie’s Angels is available on DVD from Amazon for $6.73.

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