Crunching Leaves Mix | Fall 2017

by Jamie Sanford on September 1, 2017

We are a few weeks shy of the first day of autumn, but the temperatures in New Jersey have suddenly dropped by 5 degrees and I’ve launched into full fall mode.

Things that I am ready for include:

  • Appropriate temperatures for eating soup
  • Apple cider
  • Interest in being outdoors for extended periods of time
  • The smell of damp, decomposing leaves
  • Any and all things Halloween
  • Candles that have something to do with apples or spice of some kind
  • Opportunities for layering clothing and outerwear

I don’t care about Pumpkin Spice lattes though, so I haven’t gone full Basic Bitch just yet.

In related news, I associate certain songs with certain times of the year. This connection goes back to middle and high school, and many years later, those associations cannot be stopped. Here’s my new Spotify playlist for the fall of 2017. Lots of throwbacks, some random newer stuff, all songs that I love. Enjoy, and leave a comment or tweet me with your suggestions for additions.


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Instagram Roundup #63

by Jamie Sanford on October 30, 2013

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I used the saran wrap technique to make a sort of marbled design on my nails. This is A England She Walks in Beauty as the base, with A England Lady of Shalott on top.

Saw this on the way to work. Creepy.

Went for a lovely short walk/hike with Will on Saturday. The fall is definitely falling.

Will decided to put on the Michael Myers mask and stand in the back of the storage unit. Creeptown. However, you can see the amazing organization of my storage unit there. We have 2 rows of storage containers (all numbered, since I have a list of the contents of each box on my computer) creating a hallway in the center for easy access to everything.

The theme for the night at the bar I was going to was “haunted disco” so I bought myself this puffy wig at CVS. I also tried to make myself even paler, added red eyeshadow like crazy, then put on my vampire cape and my fancy little tophat, which helped the wig out tremendously. Added a dark lip and some blood around my mouth and I was good to go.

I saw lots of crazy costumes. It’s the most fun though to see things like weird demons taking cell phone shots.

Happy Halloween!

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Instagram Roundup #14

by Jamie Sanford on November 12, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

No theme this time. Just the randoms.

One of my favorite diners.

My signed David Usher CD. I was introduced to David’s music while on my first trip to Toronto in 2001. He’s amazing, check him out.

Sad about pretty much missing Halloween.

I am still not tired of Flatiron images, but I will keep trying for slightly different angles.

I do my own tech support.

This was my morning-after breakfast after Natasha’s wedding. Good times.

Loved this at Target. Again, bummed to be hiding out during Halloween. Maybe next year will work out.

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Polish Project #40

by Jamie Sanford on October 18, 2012

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144. OPI Obscurity (from the Go Goth minis)
145. OPI Hi Pumpkin (from the So So Skullicious minis)
146. OPI A Rose From The Dead (from the So So Skullicious minis)
147. OPI Mourning Glory (from the So So Skullicious minis)
148. OPI Candlelight (from the So So Skullicious minis)

OPI Obscurity.

OPI Obscurity.

Back to an Instagram photo for this polish. I actually do not own any other black matte polishes, so I wanted to give this mini a shot.

Thoughts: The application was a bit rough, but I really dug the finish. It totally chipped the day after I applied it with no protective covering, so I guess maybe I will look into obtaining some matte topcoat.
Verdict: It’s unique so I am keeping it. I really like this matte finish.

OPI So So Skullicious.

OPI So So Skullicious.

OPI So So Skullicious.

OPI So So Skullicious decals.

OPIs: A Rose From the Dead, Candlelight, Hi Pumpkin, Mourning Glory.

The brush in the OPI minis leaves a bit to be desired. However, the brush for Candlelight was the worst one. Luckily I didn’t actually use it for painting my nails.

My application of the OPI So So Skullicious polishes, and a decal from the set as well.

The packaging on this set is amazing. I took so many pictures because it really is fantastic. The Day of the Dead theme they have going on is really fun, and I love a decal, so this was calling to me right from the start. I decided to try using all of the polishes at once, and I’m still trying to improve my skills with the dotting tool. I think these dots are much better (and much flatter) than previous attempts, and the colors are really great.

Thoughts: Even with a big coat of topcoat, the black had a big chip the day after I painted my nails. However, I like all of the colors – particularly Hi Pumpkin and Candlelight since I don’t have anything else that look like those.
Verdict: These get to stay. If nothing else, at least the small bottles take up less space on the shelf.

How does everyone feel about Halloween manicures, or holiday-themed nails overall?

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Instagram Roundup #8

by Jamie Sanford on October 3, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I always get a kick out of this Tesla bust I pass on 25th when I’m heading to the Noritake showroom. It’s in front of a church.

Good times in tunnel traffic.

We went to IKEA for some staple items, looked for some new things for our same apartment (not moving anymore), and naturally bought some snacks.

I love this picture of my Dad. His skinny tie is amazing.

I found great Halloween stuff at Target. I was alone while shopping and it’s a miracle that I didn’t spend a fortune on random Halloween items.

I took some photos of friends who are getting married in a few weeks, and I absolutely love this shot of my friend Natasha. She looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to go to the wedding.

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