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Formula One -derland: Europe and Great Britain

by Jamie Sanford on September 8, 2012

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Valencia and Silverstone! I am so behind on Formula One posting.

Europe (Valencia, Spain)

Spain was exciting because it was getting to the point where SOMEONE had to be the second to win more than one race in a season. Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso was hoping for a chance to win or at least end up on the podium at his home race, but ended up starting 11th after qualifying. I was feeling like we would see Sebastian Vettel pick up the win as he was starting from pole, but the race went a different way.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

So Vettel got off to a good start, as is normal for him, and looked to be building himself quite a lead. However, the safety car was determined to rain all over his parade. Meanwhile, Eyebrows had worked his way up from 11th and was in 3rd when the race restarted post-safety car deployment. Fernando moved into second over Romain Grosjean, and then in lap 33, Vettel’s car just seemed to shut off. (This happened to me once, it was the timing belt. Do Formula One cars even have those?) He was CLEARLY pissed, and stomped off to pout about it. Meanwhile, Eyebrows Alonso was fast on his way to winning his second race in 2012. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton and Iceman Kimi Räikkönen were battling for 2nd. Kimi managed to pass Lewis, and soon enough, Master D-Bag Pastor Maldonado managed to catch up with Lewis and pull a dick move that ruined his own race and ended Lewis’. Pastor finished 10th, but was downgraded to 12th after a 20-second penalty was applied for causing a collision. Keeping cool throughout the drama, Michael Schumacher ended up finishing 3rd, his first podium since 2006.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

Fernando knows which way to point the champagne.

Great Britain (Silverstone)

This race was not too long before the Olympics. I guess England decided to just get all of the rain of the year out of the way in a few weeks time, because it was hella rainy, and watching Friday practice was a joke. Even after the track dried, everything else was still a soggy mess. Like the grass.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

The race started without much drama, save for that with Paul di Resta, who suffered a rear puncture so early on that he retired after finally making it back around to the pits. Fernando Alonso held on to the lead for the majority of the race, until eventually being caught by Mark Webber, on a different tire strategy. Alonso did not put up much of a fight as he seemed to know it was a lost cause, but managed to retain 2nd place over Sebastian Vettel who finished 3rd. Pastor Maldonado ended up shooting himself in the foot again by colliding with Sergio Perez, causing Perez to have to retire, and left Maldonado well out of the points in 16th. Maldonado was fined 10,000 Euros for causing the accident with Perez. Ass.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

This happened on the podium. Lots of win for Mark Webber.

Next up, Germany and Hungary.

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Royal Wedding Fever

by Jamie Sanford on May 3, 2011

Royal wedding fever can impact anyone really, but I feel like I had a preexisting condition that contributed to my case.

My family heritage is very British. My grandmother was born in England and came to the United States as a war bride, and on my father’s side, the first grandfather in one of the lines came to the United States from England in 1630!  Anyway, I’ve grown up an Anglophile, I had an amazing book about the wedding of Charles and Diana (that I hope is at my parents’ house because I don’t know where it is) and I totally got sucked into royal wedding fever.

This is where the comparisons to my own wedding began, and I started to think that I needed a bigger budget back when I got married in 2006.  I was lacking horse-drawn carriages.

Score one for me, I totally married a prince named William too!

Ooh that’s another one for me! I too have a sassy British grandmother. Are you seeing why royal wedding fever was predestined for me?

My bouquet was bigger than Kate’s! Of course I’m quite a bit bigger than her, so that was probably the best choice.

White dress and veil? I had those too! Wait, what? Hers was personally designed and created by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen? Mine…was not.  It’s too bad she didn’t get married before me, because I would have wanted my wedding dress but with the fuller skirt that Kate has on her dress.  I can do without a train though.  Even though, for a royal wedding, Kate’s train was pretty understated.  Big enough for impact in pictures and from those overhead shots in Westminster Abbey, but small enough to manage without needing 15 people to carry it around. Vogue also approved of the dress and provided the photos I’ve used in this post.

Darling moments like this? I can only hope that every wedding has these moments. I hope that Kate and William see this picture and love it, the sort of candid photos from my wedding are definitely my favorite. Posed portraits are great but the pictures that actually show joy are the best ones.

Location, location, location. My husband was obsessing over the floor there in Westminster Abbey and then I was obsessed too.  Absolutely stunning.  One thing I would maybe change about my wedding would be ceremony location.  The weather was such that day that we could have potentially been outside and that would have been nice.

This gets me, because they were so formal with each other all day.  While my husband and I watched yesterday (the spectacular BBC coverage instead of the NBC coverage I should never have bothered with), we noticed that after the wedding, while Wills and Kate were in the archway at Horse Guards, he grabbed her hand and pulled it onto his leg and they leaned in to each other – not to kiss but to have a cute moment that was almost to themselves. That, for me, was one of the best moments of the day.

Did you get royal wedding fever?  Has it cleared up now that we’re a few days out from the big day?

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