ProFlowers Review: Just Order the Roses

by Jamie Sanford on June 25, 2012

ProFlowers Review: Just Order the Roses

I used to think that I was being lazy when ordering flowers for Mother’s Day. Cut to a few years ago when I ordered spa baskets for my mother and grandmother and was asked “where are our flowers?” Not a problem for me, since it is super easy to order flowers. I have successfully ordered for the last few years from ProFlowers. There are some shady things you can click on the site that sign you up for monthly fees, but if you go through a straightforward purchase process, you’ll be fine.

Anyway. This year, I was excited to get a Groupon (or Living Social, I don’t remember) offer for ProFlowers, to pay $15 for a $30 credit. I was already planning to order flowers so this was perfect! I went on the website about 10 days before Mother’s Day, and decided to order 2 different bouquets. Multicolored roses for my grandmother and the “Carnival of Color” for my mother.

Here’s the picture I was shown when I ordered Mom’s flowers.

Naturally, when said flowers were delivered, I asked for a picture. This is what I got.

So, there’s that. Now, I love my mom but she isn’t the best flower arranger. But even after my grandmother adjusted the initial setup, it still looked NOTHING like the picture.  I felt horrible, I had thought I had sent the perfect gift for mom and I was doing the right thing by picking something fancy for my mom! Instead, the way more cost effective roses end up looking way better.

My grandmother’s roses were totally fine and perfect. It is WAY harder to screw up roses, they travel well and last a long time once they get home, especially if you trim the stems regularly. No matter, this is not a flower care blog post.

I like ProFlowers, but I have learned that you have to make the safe choice. The flowers are shipped from them, not from a local florist, so they will not arrive all arranged and fabulous. The best bet is to get a bouquet of all like flowers.  All roses, all daisies, whatever. Different colors are probably fine. The bottom line is that if you are ordering online and you are not sure if they are being shipped via FedEx or UPS or delivered by a local florist, pick the easy flowers. Your recipient will thank you, and their latest memory of you won’t be the sad wonky arrangement on the dining table.

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