Recycled Record Earrings

by Jamie Sanford on August 20, 2010

Last day of this week’s theme. What should be the theme for next week? It really helps me to write posts when I have some guidelines and can’t just pick anything available anywhere on the Internet.

These are very cute and 80s retro.

Turn the volume up on your wardrobe with sassy, funky and fun earrings made from recycled records. Whether you grew up on 45s or mix tapes, hanging out at concerts or jamming in your bedroom, music lovers everywhere will agree that these unique earrings hit all the right notes.

These are cute for a night out. I think I might need those cassette tapes.

A single pair of these are available for a little over 50% off, $11.99 from Uncommon Goods.

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Mermaid Cuff Bracelet

by Jamie Sanford on August 19, 2010

Day 4 of sale items from Uncommon Goods.

Another one of the things I respond to is mermaids. So, when I saw this – it was going to be on the site.

This is not for everyone, mermaid bracelets just don’t work all of the time.

Here’s the description:

Hand cast from molds of vintage swizzle sticks, these cuffs by artist Nina Dinoff are dreamy, graceful and serene, just like the elusive mermaid. Available in sterling silver-plated and 18 karat gold-plated brass. Handmade in Brooklyn.

Swizzle sticks were invented in the ’30s, but were quite popular from the ’40s through the ’70s as a means of advertising for hotels, restaurants and airlines.

These bracelets have been discontinued, and are currently on sale for 50% off.  You can pick up both the silver and the gold for $34.99 on Uncommon Goods.

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Blooming Garden Tea Gift Set

by Jamie Sanford on August 18, 2010

Day 3 of “Sale Items from Uncommon Goods” week.

I loved this because I’ve recently been introduced to the blooming tea ball by a coworker.

Look at how pretty the blooming tea flower is! Here’s the product description:

You can’t have a tea party by yourself! This beautiful gift set includes a handmade heat resistant borosilicate glass teapot (with removable inner glass filter for loose tea leaves), two matching cups and saucers, and six flowering teaposies.

Each teaposy is made from premium Silver Needle White Tea leaves and whole dried flowers that are hand-crafted with natural cotton thread. Add hot water and watch the teaposy slowly unfurl, revealing a flower that blossoms from within the tea leaves. The delicate and complex tea is a treat for your taste buds as well. Each blossom medley includes six individually vacuum-sealed blooming teas: heart of love, falling water, butterfly, calendula, lady fairy, and noble essence. Made in China.

Sold as a set of one teapot, one filter, two cups and saucers, and six assorted teaposies.

Very cute, and if the tea is like what I have had, it will be delicious. If you would like to read more on gift sets hop over to this post on pursuitist.

The cute blooming tea gift set is on sale for $39.99 from Uncommon Goods.

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Origami Alphabet Necklaces

by Jamie Sanford on August 17, 2010

Continuing on a week of sale items from Uncommon Goods.

Being a sale item, the following item is not available in all letters.

Naturally, the J and the S are both sold out, but you can’t win all the time.

The available letters are in the dropdown on the product page.

They are beautiful though, and a hot deal at 66% off of the original price.  These are available for $24.99 on Uncommon Goods.

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Twisted Wrench Sculpture

by Jamie Sanford on August 16, 2010

Last week turned into a theme week with Etsy items. This week? Since I checked out Uncommon Goods and they have a sale on, I’m going with their sale section for the whole week.

This item is discontinued so if you like, pick it up now! Here’s the description:

For a man with a penchant for plumbing and repairs – or an off-kilter sense of humor – this accessory is sure to fit. This twisted wrench by artist John Haley III is a handmade decorative object that can function as a paperweight. Handmade in Colorado.

I like industrial-looking things. So I was drawn to this. Anyway, this is available while supplies last for $11.99 from Uncommon Goods.

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