gold rush

Polish Project #25

by Jamie Sanford on September 5, 2012

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98. Cover Girl Gold Rush
99. Sally Hansen Aisle Be There (32 cents on Amazon!)
100. Maybelline Rock Out (Apparently an old Limited Edition, this is an eBay link.)
101. Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor
102. Orly Love Each Other
103. OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle

As listed above, random topcoats!

I decided not to wear these for the test, since they don’t really have wear to report on. So I painted a bunch of nails on the wheel with some black polish and went to town.

98-100 Cover Girl Gold Rush, Sally Hansen Aisle Be There, Maybelline Rock Out.

100 Maybelline Rock Out.

100-102 Maybelline Rock Out, Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor, Orly Love Each Other.

101-102 From Top- Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor, Orly Love Each Other.

103 OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle.

Thoughts: These are all serviceable. I don’t think I appreciated the slight flakiness that the Sally Hansen Aisle Be There gives off so I’ll be working with that one again. You can see in the bottle picture that I use Servin’ Up Sparkle quite a bit, it’s great for space nails when I need the glitter variety. The only one I might dump is Sinful Colors because it’s so basic, but maybe that’s good every now and then.
Verdict: They all get to stay for now. I am looking forward to the showdown posts for all of the “maybe” nail polishes I have identified during this process.

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