girl scout cookies

Instagram Roundup #30

by Jamie Sanford on March 6, 2013

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Everything is better when Girl Scout cookies arrive.

Back to 41 Madison, which definitely means a walk-by Flatiron building photo.

David bought this for me 2 Christmases ago, in an Origins gift pack. I am almost out of this serum and think I need more. It makes my skin super soft.


In the storage unit, as always. I’m smiling at the camera, Will is doing the work.

Oy. I took a contact lens out at the office to clean it and put it back in. Naturally, I tore it in half and had no backups. Since I am -5.5 in both eyes, having one with a lens and one without a lens doesn’t work, so I made myself an eye patch to tide me over until I could go home and get new lenses. Hot mess.

I assume everyone has figured out that I Instagram all of my fortunes now?

Excuse my dry skin, but I had to take a picture of A England Dragon in the sun where it was most spectacular. Love it.

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