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Google reader is my new favorite game.

by Jamie Sanford on January 7, 2009

I hadn’t really used Google reader for a while, and I think I remember why. That number keeps climbing up and I’m dedicated to at least TRYING to read everything in there. (It all comes back to the game concepts right? Getting that number down to 0 is my goal in this game.) It is dangerous in such a way that I might feel obligated to read every single thing, much like what happened with the DVR, where I had to unsubscribe to a number of shows because it was too overwhelming.

However, I do think it is the best tool for keeping all of my items straight. So I’ll stick with it. Also, once I catch up on posts from the last few weeks (in some cases, months), it will get better!

My favorite thing of the day so far is from Gary Vaynerchuk, back in November, talking about the difference between giving a presentation and working a room. I’m posting the video here as well.

In my industry, I think this idea could start a whole new way of thinking, since it is literally FULL of presentations. We work to educate healthcare professionals, and tomorrow’s audience is full of young people who are already embracing social media. We need to take the time to think of how we can embrace that opportunity to communicate with that audience and to develop better education for them, which would be mutually beneficial.

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