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Miracle Worker

by Jamie Sanford on August 11, 2015

As much as I’m pretty sure I know what I would like my career to be, how I would like it to proceed, I still have many moments of being unsure that I’m going about things the right way, and am concerned that my end goal is fuzzier than it should be.

I recently took a course called Miracle Worker which has cleared up much of that fuzziness. Here’s the overview of this course:

Miracle Worker is an 8 week e-class created by two career experts, Ellen Fondiler and Gala Darling — on how to create a meaningful, magical career — working for a company you love, running your own business, or a combination of both!
The twist? You won’t just be “visualizing” or “dreaming” or “journaling” about your ideal career — you will be taking concrete steps, every single week, to change your mindset, get clear, get motivated, revamp your résumé or website, reach out to your network, line up interviews and conversations, and march forward!
Our goal is to shift your attitude from one of scarcity and self doubt (“I’ve got nothing to offer,” “It’s too hard,” “The economy is terrible!”) to one of empowerment and focus (“I can be in the top 10% of my industry,” “I’ve got this,” “It’s handled.”)
Miracles unfold when you commit to your dreams one hundred percent.
We can’t wait to guide you, inspire you, share our secrets, let you peek inside the minds of some of the world’s top business owners, recruiters, and hiring managers… and most of all: motivate you to keep going!

I have been reading Gala’s site for years, and once I started reading Ellen’s site, it became obvious that these two would bring a really interesting set of perspectives to the goal of finding the root of work you enjoy. I decided to jump in and join the class, and immediately received my start-up packet and joined the Facebook group with the other students.

For the most part, I’ve been lucky so far that I’ve been able to work on projects that interest me and with people I have enjoyed. However, I have always seemed to be managing much more than should be done by one person, and that leads to issues with focus and doing your job well. I have never been able to focus on a single project for that long, because when you wear 18 hats, it is inevitable that you are changing them multiple times a day. I am always amazed at how much more fulfilling my days are when I can focus on just one or two projects and do those projects justice.

What I love about e-courses like this is that you are the boss, you decide what to complete and concentrate on. I didn’t necessarily feel that all of the class assignments were something I needed to do, and the freedom is there for you to decide what to do or not. I can tell you that the first week was insanely helpful right from the jump. To force yourself to sit down and very specifically examine what has been enjoyable and fulfilling in your working life so far, and in personal projects as well, seems like an obvious thing, but being led through it makes it so much less daunting. There’s also a great project during week one where you email people in your life to ask about your best qualities. I was stunned and thrilled by the responses I received.

Every week there is an initial workbook, action steps, and a relevant interview with someone succeeding on their own terms. There is a good balance between catering to anyone who wants to stay in a “job” working for someone else and those interested in starting their own businesses.

One of my favorite experiences of the course was meeting up in NYC with Gala and Ellen, along with some of my classmates!

While I have not made any major changes as of yet, the change I have made is that I discovered that I was on the right track about what I am passionate about and what work I actually enjoy doing. This blog has been incredibly active because I’m so invigorated, and that’s a big step towards my next step.

The next Miracle Worker class starts on September 7th. Check it out here.

[youtube t_xDnZ66QBg]
Disclosure: The links in this post are affiliate links for the Miracle Worker course. I will receive a referral fee for anyone who joins the course through my link.

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Blogcademy NY Scholarship Application!

by Jamie Sanford on May 22, 2013

EDIT: I didn’t win the scholarship, but thanks to my supporters! Congratulations to Kristin who won the scholarship.

I have wanted to go to the Blogcademy since it launched. I had a scheduling conflict for the first one in New York, so I really hope to win the scholarship slot for the next one in June!

I am Jamie Sanford. I’m 33 years old, I work in marketing, and have little to no interest in growing up. (This is not to be confused with not being able to handle my business.)

To put this on the table as early as possible, given what I know about the Blogcademy and the Headmistresses, I want to alert you all to the fact that I am no stranger to animal-themed headwear. I do tend to prefer antlers though.

My blogging journey started in March 2000, on Open Diary. I still have my account there, and have at least one friend for life who I found through OD. Thanks, blogging!

In 2008, I obtained the domain name and started down a path of cringe-worthy header designs!

In 2010, I launched The Daily Wishlist, which was a huge step for me. I started writing every day about shopping online, and changed jobs that year. I ended up being hired for an internet marketing position because I had positioned myself as an expert in online shopping. This was a step in the right direction!

In early 2012, I decided to consolidate blogs into one location. It felt natural to have all of my content attached to my name, especially since my blog content often applies to my chosen career path. It’s been a much smoother blogging experience since moving to a single location.

I had a lightbulb moment earlier this year, after deciding to launch the Brand Experience Project on my blog. Based on my time spent blogging about shopping, and then experiencing life as an online retailer through my job, I realized that what I find more important and infinitely more interesting than shopping online is the complete online shopping experience, from the search to receiving a package with your order. My posts for the Brand Experience Project have been incredibly well-received, and have provided a world of inspiration to keep going. Ultimately, I would love to consult with retailers in this subject area.

Having already started on a great path with content, my entire life was improved when I started using an Editorial Calendar. Having experienced issues with motivation and positivity in the past, I’ve found that writing my 3-5 blog posts a week is doing wonders for my overall outlook on things, because of the constant positive reinforcement that comes along with creating content that makes me happy and/or proud.

The timing is absolutely perfect for me to attend the Blogcademy. I am feeling great about the direction my blog is going in, but I think the content of this event will be the boost that will launch me above and beyond what I am currently accomplishing. I have already taken advice from Kat, Gala, and Shauna over the years during which I’ve been reading their blogs, so I can only imagine what a 2-day experience would do for me and my future.

Thanks to Kat, Gala, and Shauna for the opportunity of the scholarship, and hopefully I will see you in June!

My contact information is available here!

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Sights & Sounds #27

by Jamie Sanford on August 10, 2011

Sights and Sounds #27

It’s been a while since a Sights & Sounds post, so it will be a long one.

[youtube 9fQLmSnymIg]

I enjoy these movies with a huge cast and a bunch of little vignettes.  Here is the trailer for New Year’s Eve.

Love this collection of 60 Awesome Portraits of Gay Couples Just Married in New York State on Buzzfeed.

This is Jaws, the Peanuts edition! Shared on last week.

Jennifer Lopez is still hot. Surprise surprise.  Seriously though, I enjoy her a lot. If you haven’t seen her Behind the Music, you should watch it.  She was very honest and frank, and it was great.  Here is more about Jennifer Lopez in Vanity Fair via Idolator.

I also greatly enjoy Anne Hathaway.  There are some great photos of her in Marie Claire, available here.

[youtube NWSOckMZBLU]

Gala Darling shared this fabulous video of Johnny and June Cash, and she just got married in what looks to be a gorgeous ceremony on a beautiful day. I can’t wait to see more photos but there are some great ones here.

OK, that closes out Sights & Sounds #27. Have a great day everyone!

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Sights and Sounds #25

by Jamie Sanford on July 1, 2011

Sights and Sounds #25

[youtube czAlT2Qc6HI]

A remix of “I Wanna Go” from Miss Britney with a video to match.  It’s all good, I love a remix.

I love Kermit, and I can’t wait for this movie.

Movie camera(Photo via wind_of_change on Flickr)

Gala Darling created a list of 33 Movies to Watch When You’re Sad, Glum or Bummed Out – and I think I have to consult this list immediately to jump-start my 100 films project! We have a long weekend coming up so I plan on watching a bunch of movies and writing about them.

[youtube XS7eS8DQsvo]

Oh, I am not a fan of this new Footloose so far. I love the original with Kevin Bacon, and the booty dancing in this trailer just makes me 1 – feel old, and 2 – want to die a little.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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Curious Tuesday 016

by Jamie Sanford on September 14, 2010

I think 015 is missing but I’m working from Gala Darling’s numbers on the posts. Let’s just go with it.

If you were an international criminal, what would you do with all the money you’d stolen?

I would pay for the houses of my parents and my husband’s parents. I would save some of it for our family members to have trusts.

Then, this hotness.

Buy something like this…equip with awesome computer situation, wifi, lots of camera gear, then go check this out:

Yes, the whole thing.  It would be the best road trip ever.

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