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Link Tank #35

by Jamie Sanford on July 1, 2016

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I have a random folder full of scans from magazines that I’ve purchased over the years. Who doesn’t love Marilyn Monroe?

Artist Adam Carnegie created an amazing piece of art, honoring musicians and music festivals, and it’s going to eat your time in the best possible way.

A Beautiful Mess gives you the lowdown on where professional organizers shop.

Gala Darling, a goddess of gratitude, wrote a great piece on treasuring the love you have.

It does appear as if most magazines can’t handle a plus-size woman on their cover, they just resort to cropping. It’s unfortunate.

This rundown of 90s trends made me reminisce and also cringe.

A list of cult French pharmacy items that you can buy on Amazon! I’m going to Toronto soon and I will be stocking up on Canadian products.

Crystal Pepsi is coming back!

I need a house with a backyard so I can make Triple Tiki Rum Punches and drink them under an umbrella.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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