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Instagram Roundup #39

by Jamie Sanford on May 8, 2013

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Back again!

Spring springing all over the place, and for 2 weeks it is super lovely. Then the flowers vanish and summer is inevitable.

Tourmalinated quartz! This ring was a Christmas present from Will, I love it.

This is the fakest stuff on earth, but it does really smell like maple syrup.

Mom brought Wispa bars from England!

Throwback Thursday was this picture of a picture I took while in Florida. This is David and I at the end of our freshman year of high school. 18 years ago. Oy.

Back at the surgeon’s office, I got my stitches out!

Signs that I am uninterested in growing up include this top, since the little stars make up a triumphant unicorn with wings. Thanks ASOS for creating such lovely things.

Hibachi date on Saturday night! We got to join in on Aunt Betty’s 91st birthday party, which was a RAGER.


This is my husband. I didn’t see him yesterday before I left in the morning, so I didn’t get to see this outfit until he was walking towards me in the parking lot at the bus dropoff, and damn! He looked super hot. You can’t see it here but it is a button-down shirt with the blue sweater on top, and it was all fitted and my husband looked damn good.

I know I am biased, but I feel awesome about the fact that after 13 years together (married about 6 1/2 of those), I still get moments like that.

TIME TO SHAKE THE WORLD. I really need to get down with this message.

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Instagram Roundup #33

by Jamie Sanford on March 27, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

My Dad came to visit! He picked me up at the office for lunch on Thursday. It was fun!

Green Tea Kit-Kats in the office.

Site launch celebratory beer in a tiny glass. I would not have picked Coors Light, but the options were limited.

Here I am in the mirror at Walgreens, waiting for Will to pick a card.

It’s at least one fortune a week now that I am keeping the cookies around.

Engagement party for Sara and James!

Dinner with Dad and Will on Sunday was really fun.

I went to a recording studio to record some audio for a work project.

I look a little weird in the face, but here I am in the booth! I need a booth like this at my house for podcasting.

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Instagram Roundup #32

by Jamie Sanford on March 20, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Been browsing books about design and such while waiting at the printer at the office. Naturally I photographed the J.

I received this ring from my Nana at Christmastime. It came from a friend of hers’ mother, and she knew it was right up my alley. I haven’t figured out what the stone is yet.

Coming soon to the blog will be a giant image of all of my walk-by Flatiron Building photos. I must have at least 25? This is from last week.

I hadn’t been to an estate sale in YEARS (at least 10) before last week. Naturally I took sneaky photos, and here is one of them.

60s kitchen decor.

I photographed lots of old packaging with my phone.

Went to St. Patrick’s Day Thanksgiving on Saturday night. Lots of drinking, eating, and merriment.

I am really looking forward to the How To Destroy Angels show next month.

Fortune, as always.

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2012: The Year in Instagram (Q1)

by Jamie Sanford on December 21, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!


Shopping while Will waits for me to try things on.

The first of many trips to The Met.

Inventoried camera and found my Polaroids!

I also showcased my solution to not having prescription sunglasses.


First drag show of 2012.

Lincoln Center during Fashion Week. It was freezing!

Got to spend time with Mariel though, and her husband Jeff. I miss her and wish we could hang out more often.

I was steadily building a fort at the office with product samples.

Bacon lip balm was a TERRIBLE idea. Ew.

Dinner with Will and his parents at Plataforma Churrascuria. If you are looking for a delicious meal in midtown NYC, go there.

I definitely don’t have pants that say “nice.”


I love my deer so much. Also, RuPaul’s Drag race on the TV.

I hadn’t been to 41 Madison in a while, but had to start my traditional run of Flatiron photos.

Another trip to the Met.

One week in March, 3 visits to 41 Madison.

Dad came to visit, and did I take a picture of him and I? No. But I did take a pretty picture of the blooms while he and I were at the zoo.

March marked the start of my documentation of my fortune cookies.

Quarter 2 coming soon.

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Instagram Roundup #18

by Jamie Sanford on December 12, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Snow in November 27th.

Well I hope so!

Tiny Edward makes an appearance.

I found gift cards with balances! Love it.

I got this teeny tiny Lorac lip gloss with an Ulta purchase. I put the Chapstick in the image for scale. It is the cutest thing.

In a showing of epic yuppie-dom, we drank mini icewines on our way into the Dave Matthews Band concert.

We were on the side of the stage. The setlist was disappointing and I had some unfortunate people around me, but it was still OK.

Online shopping – look at this adorable candle holder! I wish I had room for stuff like this.

Rocking my awesome furry hat in the elevator.

Will and I’s birthday dinner was again at The Melting Pot. They gave us birthday cards when we arrived!

…and we got an edible gift before we left.

On my actual birthday, I went out with Jason to Suite. Will stayed home to do schoolwork.

We saw Miz Cracker and Brenda Dharling perform, and this happened. It was amazing. Plus, free birthday shot!

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