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Billy’s Bakery – Holiday Food Shopping

by Jamie Sanford on December 6, 2011

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking a meeting where Billy’s Bakery cupcakes were provided. Since they were super fabulous and delicious, I figured that I would check out the Billy’s Bakery website and see what else they have to offer.

If you are in NYC, you can have Billy’s Bakery delivered to you by a real person, but since I imagine that most of the readers of this blog do not live in NYC, I will stick to only the items that can be shipped.

You can get cute little gift packages in different denominations.  This is the $40 gift package. Look at the tin!

My mother makes delicious baby banana breads, and my husband makes it too. I love it. So I’m all about ordering a 6-pack of these mini banana breads to use as holiday gifts, since I don’t actually make it. The box of 6 mini Banana Nut loaves is available from Billy’s Bakery for $18.

I can TOTALLY vouch for the cupcakes, they were most and delicious and decadent, and really, that’s what cupcakes should be all about. I picked the classic cupcake sampler here, but they have chocolate, vanilla, red velvet (which I had and it was super good) – you can pick whichever cupcake combination you want.  The classic cupcake sampler dozen is available for $36.

Remember what I said about the red velvet? They have a whole cake you can get! For $45, you can feed 10-12 people this deliciousness.

Another favorite of mine (my Dad too) is peanut butter cookies, and these look really yummy.  The package of 6 cookies is available from Billy’s Bakery for $4.50.

If you need to order a sweet gift for the holidays, I would recommend checking out Billy’s Bakery. Those cupcakes were super good, so I have high hopes for everything else on their menu.

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Thanksgiving Cooking and Preparation Ideas and Gifts

by Jamie Sanford on November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving is just over a week away, and I’ve been in full Thanksgiving-prep mode, even though I will not be doing most of the cooking at my house.  My husband will do most of the cooking, and that’s really better for everyone involved.

Last year, William made our turkey breast (no full turkey for just the 2 of us) with this recipe from Martha Stewart.

I did see this fabulous preparation that Tyler Florence presented on a recent Food Network special that I’m intrigued by, as I love figs and the glaze that he makes looks fantastic.  Here’s the video:

So, in some further preparation for Thanksgiving, I found some cute and helpful items to make the holiday festive and fabulous.

Crate & Barrel Gravy Boat with Warmer, $12.95. Ambient lighting and warm gravy? Sounds good to me.

Crate & Barrel Turkey Brine & Brining Bag, $11.95. For those who like the idea of cooking, but want the easiest possible solution.

Crate & Barrel Gourmet Turkey Rub, $4.95. A continuation of the previous item, some assistance for those of us who aren’t inclined in the culinary arts.

Williams-Sonoma Decorative Turkeys, $29.95 – $49.95. Classy-looking turkeys for your table, or other areas of the house. I quite enjoy literal decor such as this, so the turkeys are right up my alley.

Williams-Sonoma 3-Tiered Oven Rack, $22. Perfect for cooking all 6 side dishes in the oven at the same time.

Writing this post has me even more excited for Thanksgiving.  I’d love to share Thanksgiving ideas and recipes in the comments – let me know what your favorites are!

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