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Sights and Sounds #24

by Jamie Sanford on June 27, 2011

Sights and Sounds #24

New York did the right thing!

[youtube oYs1d3jAdG0]

Harry Potter fans can celebrate the launch of Pottermore, an interactive community for those who want to experience the Harry Potter books a new way.  I’m excited for this!

I’ve heard that Beyonce’s new album isn’t going to be that exciting, but damn, her body is no joke! She’s so hot. (Pink is the New Blog)

[youtube Q-ZlRl1_4Ws]

Lady Gaga and Judas Priest mashup! Thanks to Chris Brogan for sharing this one.

[youtube T-sxSd1uwoU]

This is the new Britney Spears video, for her song “I Wanna Go” from Femme Fatale.  I love it, I think it’s so much fun.

That’s Sights and Sounds #24. Leave me links etc on the Facebook page or Twitter.

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Sights and Sounds #8

by Jamie Sanford on March 30, 2011

Sights and Sounds again because there is so much going on that I can share!

Image via MTV Buzzworthy Blog. Click the image for their post.

Miss Britney Spears released her new album Femme Fatale on Tuesday. (More to come on that later.) She taped a performance for Good Morning America the other night in San Francisco and looks super hot. Check out Pink Is The New Blog for a full post with performance videos.

[youtube HAQjsLDjRfw]

Happy belated birthday to Queen Gaga, who was surprised by her friends with a party at a Mexican restaurant.  Where she proceeded to perform “Born This Way” and other songs with the freakin’ MARIACHI BAND. Amazing.

More Britney – Life has a gallery of her sexiest moments. They are missing her performances of “Breathe on Me” and “Touch of My Hand” from the Onyx Hotel Tour.

[youtube Yp8ri9J-YM8]

No need for Life, I can post a video of the “Breathe on Me” performance here. HOT.

Sorry to have missed the passing of Elizabeth Taylor in the last post. A gorgeous woman and a wonderful champion for great causes. Perhaps she and Michael Jackson are hanging out together now?

Cutting this edition of Sights and Sounds short – hit me on Facebook if you have links, images, etc, to share for the Sights and Sounds posts!

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Sights & Sounds #5

by Jamie Sanford on March 11, 2011

I have lots for this Sights and Sounds post because it’s been a while since I wrote one!

First up – Adele sings “Natural Woman” and kills it.  I love her.

Next up – Britney has a new song that I really like, called “Till The World Ends.” Her new album, Femme Fatale, seems to be written to appeal to the gays and fag hags – a group of which I am a member so I’m very excited.  She’s on the cover of the new issue or Out magazine, here’s a link to the interview and more hot photos.

Look at those shoes!  (I’m sure the shoes are not the first think you looked at.)

Here’s your weekly dose of Lady Gaga.  She brought 10-year-old Maria Agaron onstage in Toronto to perform “Born This Way” with her, and it was spectacular.

[youtube LEB3nnIsAmQ]

Another video, here’s Ethan, my favorite laughing baby ever. I’ll definitely have to remember to tear some paper in front of a baby at some point.

[youtube cXXm696UbKY]

I have had pet gerbils and hamsters in my life.  I have an affinity for small rodents.  So this video of a chipmunk in slow motion is one of the best things I’ve seen in a while.

[youtube jO3dwUKULOE]

While I don’t like cats as much as little cute rodents (mostly because I’m allergic to them), this slow motion kitten video is also spectacular.

[youtube J1vpB6h3ek4]

This slice of genius  is from Etsy seller SmartMouthRetro, and an 8×10 is available for $9.99.

Freak Dancing is Not Permitted by SmartMouthRetro on Etsy

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