Instagram Roundup #122

by Jamie Sanford on May 6, 2015

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Peeps = Instagram GOLD.

I posted this image of my tough siblings Robyn and Pete on National Siblings Day.

We bought this blue chair at an estate sale to replace the awkward zebra chair we’ve had for a few years. This chair had been in the house for about 30 years, and for 30 years before that, was in an office at Prudential.

I ate one piece of the tuna, it just wasn’t my bag. How beautiful is this though?

We had really wonderful weather when I was in and out of the city for the Tabletop Show at 41 Madison. You cannot beat this view, no matter how many times you see it.

More food, sorry. This burger was so beautiful that I had to. Also, delicious.

Then I went all sneaky to Florida for Mom’s birthday, and went to Nan’s house to surprise her too!

Mom and I got pedicures and then I baked a peach cobbler while she prepared shrimp. We had a lovely time.

We played Sequence, because it is what we do.

We also did some fishing in the backyard, because Mom and Dad have a lake back there, so why not? We throw our fish back because the gators need something to eat. We saw a gator right after taking this photo.

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Instagram Roundup #20

by Jamie Sanford on December 26, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Last one of 2012, Christmas edition.

Colored my hair before we were leaving for Florida. My hair dye robe looks like a crime scene.

My holiday headband collection grows. They are supposed to be deer but Will says they look like hamsters.

Different headgear when we got to Florida. Big horns with LEDs this time.

The Courtney Campbell Causeway. Always full of memories on the ride to Mom and Dad’s house from the airport.

My nephew Cooper!

Will and my brother Pete putting out corn to attract deer for viewing purposes. We have seen 4 bucks this week, and lots of does as well.

I went to Publix with Dad. I even got carded for wine!

We went to the Oldsmar flea market for a look around. This place is legendary.

Dad gave Will instructions on cleaning shrimp. Will wore the best apron ever.

Me with Nan.

My sister Robyn, Mom, and me.

Mom and Dad’s new Christmas tree. It is really beautiful.

Mimosas on Christmas morning are a tradition in the Sanford house. Dad made the OJ fresh, it was super delicious.

Mom ordered this necklace for me from Etsy seller Fierce Deer. I’m proud of her for ordering online.

Nana brings the caroling books over and we sing carols after dinner. These carol books were printed in 1968.

Our last Christmas photo. We are sleepy on the couch, but Will is still wearing his paper crown. It was a lovely Christmas.


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I’m a witch!

by Jamie Sanford on May 16, 2012

First of all, how fabulous is that font in the banner? So fun.

This explains a lot about my Halloween costume choices.

I have sort of mentioned before that I’ve been on a jaunt through for a while. I was inspired by the television show Who Do You Think You Are? which airs on on NBC on Fridays. I have watched multiple celebrities travel throughout the world to explore information about their family history. I was also presented with some unfortunate photographs of what appeared to be a Sanford family member attending a KKK rally, which I determined was a large gathering of KKK members in the 1920s in Washington, DC. Interested in finding out who in my family was associated with this, I started putting a family tree together. (I still have no confirmation on who it was, only that it is possible that it is one of my Dad’s uncles.)

I had known for years that Thomas Sanford was the first in my line to come to the United States from England, in the 1600s. I will have more about Thomas in a future post about my recent trip to Milford, Connecticut. However, in the meantime, I found out while reading more about Thomas’ siblings that I’m related to an accused witch!

Andrew Sanford and his wife, Mary Sanford (whose maiden name has remained a mystery) were living in Hartford, Connecticut, in the mid-1600s, and both were accused of witchcraft! Andrew was apparently never fully indicted, but his wife, my 9th great grand-aunt, was convicted and hanged. I mentioned this on Facebook, and someone said “oh that’s cool even though it wasn’t in Salem.” My response was that this took place 30ish years BEFORE the famed witch trials in Salem, so my family members are OG witches.

There is a lot of information floating around about Andrew and Mary, googling their names plus “witch” or “witchcraft” turns up quite a few results. However, I came across a journal article entitled “New England’s Other Witch Hunt” (click to download the PDF) which is all about the Connecticut witch trials that took place in the mid-1600s, before the Salem business. I highly recommend checking out the article. As I dig more up on this, I will probably write about it again. Needless to say, this is probably the best thing I have found while doing all of this family history business. While very sad for Mary and Andrew, I am impressed that my family is so strongly attached to an event in US history.

More to come soon.

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by Jamie Sanford on December 21, 2010

A few weeks ago, someone gave me some old family photos that sparked my curiosity.  I started doing some research on my own and found some information about the photos.  I then joined and started a basic family tree, filling in what I remembered.

I broke down and bought a paid membership to the site, and in just a few days I have worked my way back to my 9th great-grandfather, who came to the United States in 1630.  I have since found out that while the graves of he and his wife are unmarked, that they are both listed on a monument dedicated to the town’s followers!

Given the great information I’ve received in just a short time, I have to suggest a gift membership to for anyone on your list who is interested in history, particularly family history.

The site makes fantastic family trees – I have so many relatives that I never knew about!

There are options for US-only and Worldwide memberships.  I have started with US-only but feel like I’ll be upgrading soon so that I can access records from England and track my family there as well.

US-only gift memberships are $89 for 6 months and $159 for 1 year.  Worldwide memberships are $169 for 6 months and $299 for 1 year.

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Curious Tuesday 012

by Jamie Sanford on August 11, 2010

From Miss Gala Darling.

What were your family vacations like?

Where did you go? What did you do? What always happened? What was the best holiday you took together? What was the worst?


My sister on the left, me on the right, Mickey in the middle.

We did a lot of vacations when I was a kid – my parents always took us somewhere. The photo here is from a trip I have a bit of memory of – although we didn’t do the Disney thing too much, especially once we moved to Florida.  We went on a lot of cruises, but that was more in my tween/teenage years.  The cruises were fun even though all 4 of us in the one room was a bit tricky.

I think my favorite of our trips was a cruise to Bermuda when I was around 13 – I got to ride on the back of the moped with my Dad.  My poor brother rode with my mom and they crashed a little bit.  Anyway, that trip was great, it was really beautiful there.  We always had fun though, and did a lot of snorkeling and torturing my mom.

I can’t think of anything as being the worst. Maybe the cruise where we went to St Maarten (amongst other islands). My brother and I stayed in the sun WAY too long and ended up getting hideous sunburns. My chest had actual blisters, which matched well (sarcasm) with the lace dress I had to wear for “cruise formal night.”  Ahh, memories.

I’ll always be grateful for the trips we took with our parents when growing up – we always had a good time.

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