Roomspiration: Expedit by IKEA

by Jamie Sanford on May 27, 2013

Today, I’m going to talk about everyone’s favorite IKEA product: EXPEDIT. I have an installation of EXPEDIT in my living room, a 4×4 shelving unit with the EXPEDIT desk attached. The desk is incredibly big and I love it.

This is a very old picture of the EXPEDIT in my living room. This isn’t really my desk anymore – Will uses this space 99.5% of the time. We have Billy bookshelves all along the back wall there. (I am totally IKEA’s bitch.)

The reason I wanted to talk about it was that I love the different ways I see EXPEDIT used in different ways. Bedrooms, offices, kitchens, as a room divider, etc. Here’s a collection of EXPEDIT images from Pinterest.


Source: chezlarsson.com via QVC on Pinterest

Source: how-do-it.com via Marina on Pinterest


Does anyone have EXPEDIT in their home or office? Share in the comments!



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