Polish Project #43

by Jamie Sanford on November 16, 2012

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151. Revlon Emerald
38. Sally Hansen Spectrum (retesting)
152. Wet ‘n Wild Hollywood Walk of Fame

Revlon Emerald, Sally Hansen Spectrum, Wet ‘n Wild Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Thoughts: Somehow I missed Emerald when I was testing the green polishes. It is similar to Don’t Mess with OPI but I love green so much that I don’t care. I threw the Spectrum over another test of Emerald because Spectrum is always good times. Hollywood Walk of Fame is a pain. Obviously I bought it because it has stars in it. Well, they do not apply so well.
Verdict: Everyone gets to stay. I don’t have an exact dupe for Emerald and I love green so it stays. I already loved Spectrum. The HWoF stars are annoying, but I can manually apply them when I really need stars.

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