Link Tank #27

by Jamie Sanford on September 18, 2015

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(Source: this Tumblr post.) I cannot get enough of Elementary. I have rewatched episodes more times than I care to admit. The universe they have created has completely sucked me in. Season 4 doesn’t start until November, so there is plenty of time for all of my readers to get through the first 3 seasons!

Rooftop cottage in the east village? PLEASE!

I saw a black bear in the front yard of my childhood home a while back, just walking around. It turns out that this black bear mom and her cubs just wanted to swim in the pool.

I want to try these! Fig and blue cheese tarts with honey.


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Link Tank #22

by Jamie Sanford on April 17, 2015

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(Source) Are you watching Elementary yet? It really is my favorite show on TV. Archer too, but that’s a very different beast.

Last year’s World Champion in Formula One is sometimes just the guy who gets asked to take a family photo. I love it.

Someone took the effort to make Hansel’s funeral shirt from Zoolander. I want one.

Shallot, walnut, and goat cheese pizza. You know you want it. Or you don’t, but I totally do.

Marie Forleo talks to Grace Bonney (of Design Sponge) for 30 minutes! This is a great video.

Another recipe! French onion soup grilled cheese.

Shauna has a great plan for keeping your blog files organized.

If you start looking at Apartment Therapy home tours, you will not come out the other side until hours later.

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Link Tank #5

by Jamie Sanford on September 20, 2013

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Elementary comes back this week!

Publix as a Wal-Mart crusher? Definitely. I worked for Publix as a teenager, and I can’t WAIT to go there when I visit Florida. The only other food store I actively try to go into is Whole Foods.

From Rock ‘n Roll Bride: 10 Ways To Be More Popular on Social Media. My favorite is the part where the gauge for a tweet or post is “how would I feel if my Nan read this?”

From Hubspot: The 7 Personalities Every Social Media Manager Has. I really enjoyed this one.

Darren Rowse on How To Get Dreams Out Of Your Head. This is a lengthy video, but it is incredible.

I have watched a tiny bit of Breaking Bad. I did find this piece by Anna Gunn on being a hated character really interesting, and sad for what the Internet is largely used for.

As someone who is overwhelmed at times with my genealogical research, this is an interesting idea of using Pinterest to collect information.

This is a story about the capture and subsequent journey taken by Tilikum, the orca that killed a trainer at Sea World in 2012. Written from the perspective of the whale, it is a great read.

A sad trip back to 2007, when Britney Spears lost it for a while. But it turns around in the end, and lets you know that if Britney survived 2007, you can survive today.

Carmen Carrera is a transgender performer who is ruling the world in this Steven Meisel photoshoot in W Magazine. Her accompanying essay is also great.

Disney princesses re-imagined in a series called “Fallen Princesses.” This was depressing but the images are great.

Still cannot quite get my head around Sean Parker’s wedding and how insane/spectacular/breathtaking/amazing it was.

DIY Beauty Hacks. Enjoy.

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Link Tank #4

by Jamie Sanford on August 23, 2013

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Weirdly small Elementary gif. Only a month until it comes back!

Elizabeth Spiridakis Instagrammed her wedding, in real time. Awesome.

Here’s a list of 10 actions you can take against Russia. The way that this country has taken steps backwards in equality is horrendous.

I can’t get enough Nine Inch Nails news. Here’s a story from Jon Pareles of The New York Times.

Wonderful story about the Right Whale and how much we do not know about them.

Everyone knows that Buzzfeed is the best website ever, yes? 50 Things Only 80s Girls Can Understand made my day.

For my email marketers – the best time to send emails.

For my photographers – 5 basic lighting techniques.

How Tablets Are Transforming Web Design, from Inspiredology.

Ha! The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle. (Cruisin127, what of it? ::cringes::)

Totally old, but this Hogwarts cake is amazing.

Another old one – but this from Buzzfeed: Classic Album Covers Re-imagined with Harry Potter Characters.

Finally, Shauna did some shopping at H&M home, and now I want everything. I didn’t even know they had home stuff!

That’s all for now. See you next month!

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Instagram Roundup #49

by Jamie Sanford on July 17, 2013

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Catching up with a few weeks of Instagrams, since we got back from the South Dakota roadtrip.

Curls are my summer hair jam.

I was back in the showroom right after getting back from SD.

I had dinner with Jess, one of my high school BFFs, that same week. We hadn’t seen each other in years, but naturally, it felt like we had seen each other 10 minutes ago.

More trials with matte nail polish, and I put a bunch of dots on the ring finger. Too bad my Seche Vite betrayed me with all of those little air bubbles.

This dude did pushups in line at Whole Foods. SMH.

I really hope this isn’t always the case.

I drive past Satin Dolls on my way home from work. It is also known as The Bada Bing, since this is where they filmed that location for The Sopranos. Fitting that they paid tribute to James Gandolfini.

Sassy mannequin at the Calvin Klein outlet.

One day, I want the number of my home to look like this on the door.

People keep interesting things in storage units. The scenes in the drive-in area are always something to behold.

How beautiful is that glove?

Tried this out, it’s waaay too strong for me.

I couldn’t resist some new A England polishes.

My absolute obsession with Elementary continues, but since it’s 2 more months until the season starts, I went back to the well and started reading the source material.

Getting ready for a big round of photography at the office. I am building a fort of dinnerware.

Sharknado was everything I wanted it to be.

I did a big review of magazines I was hoarding for one reason or another. I pulled out certain pages to be scanned for later reference, but I also take pictures. I loved this rainbow Ferragamo.

We were out the other night, and were driving to go find dinner, and I saw a sign for this high school production of The Crucible on the road. I immediately convinced Will that we needed to go, and so we did. Having participated in a spring 1997 production of The Crucible myself, it was really that much more fun.

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