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by Jamie Sanford on March 28, 2013

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The Brand Experience Project is getting some traction! I love it! This week’s post is based on messages I have received from 2 friends who know about my project and have shared content with me.  I have not lined up posts yet on these particular brands, but might after getting this information.

From Cindy Fontan:

Jamie, I recently got a shipment from DSW. Here are some photos. The personalized note and $5 off coupon are perfect.

What I love most is finding stylish shoes in wide width. Awesome. The downside is that it was supposed to be shipped FedEx, but then the old bait and switch, they came USPS and I hate my post office. Nevertheless, I will still shop at DSW.

Cindy is more patient than me, I would be really unhappy with a switched shipment method. However, I appreciate the story and photos. Thanks to Cindy.

From Laurie:

Laurie didn’t share anything except for bringing this certificate over to me for perusal. Laurie shopped for some items on Touch of Class, and one of those items was on back order. What surprises me the most is that this certificate, which was on really lovely heavy stock paper, came in the mail! You’d think that an online order would mean all contact (except for package delivery of course) would be via email.

Is it good or bad that my next thought is wondering if they have a smaller rate of usage when they don’t make this certificate easy to use?

First of all, sending through the mail means the customer has to keep track of a piece of paper instead of just searching in their email. The second thing I find suspect is that it seems you have to call Touch of Class to use this certificate. The original order was placed on the website! Why would you place an order over the phone?

So, this is a really good message, and a great idea, but the execution is really strange.

So there you have it, thanks to Cindy and Laurie for providing content for the Brand Experience Project! Please feel free to share anything you find interesting (or terrible) with me on Facebook or Twitter.


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