Dr. Martens x Swarovski Shoe Party

by Jamie Sanford on April 4, 2012

How had I missed this? Dr. Martens x Swarovski?!  I have professed my love for DMs on this site before, particularly the wingtips I bought when I was about 15. (You definitely want to click that link and check out those shoes by the way, they are busted and amazing.)

So anyway, I finally caught wind of my dream combination of leather and sparkly crystals, so here we go with reviewing the collection and deciding which pair I want the most.

So this is Swarovski 1, and it’s the most basic of the bunch. The upper is made of Italian calf leather and patent leather. The leather looks buttery in the photograph so I have high hopes for it in person. However, I think if I’m going to get anything from this collection, I need them to sparkle. Swarovski 1 is available for $125.

This is better! Swarovski 2 loses the patent leather toe cap, and adds cute little Swarovski crystals sprinkled throughout.

What I think I really want is these shoes, with a toe cap covered in crystals. That would be amazing, since I generally wear my Docs with jeans, and only the toes stick out.

Anyway, Swarovski 2 is available for $275.

Boots! This is some classic Dr. Martens realness with some sparkle thrown in. I love that the crystals are only applied to the strap around the boot, I think it’s unexpected and am wondering if the strap is removable so I can wear is as a bracelet when I’m not wearing those boots.

Swarovski 4 is available for $350.

And now we are getting to the sexier portion of this collection. Swarovski 5 here is like Swarovski 2’s slutty sister.  Swarovski 5 is available for $425.

This is my favorite one! I would only prefer that this be a bootie without ankle coverage, but you can’t get everything you want. I also want to be able to remove that sassy shoe bondagey harness thing and put it over some regular black heels, so it would be helpful if it was removable. Swarovski 6 is available for $325.

So, any interest in the Dr. Martens x Swarovski collection for you? Check them all out here.

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Dr Martens Shoes & Boots

by Jamie Sanford on April 5, 2010

I saw some Dr Martens online the other day (they have been around for 50 years!) and since I have the same pair I’ve had since I was 14/15 (and still wear them), I had to write a post about them.

From the “about” page on the Dr Martens website, this is such an accurate representation of how Docs took over: By the mid-1990s, Dr Martens had festered in the minds of youth without a single penny of ‘marketing spend’, longer than the majority of global brands had even existed. There is no comparison. This is not a brand, it is a way of thinking, a mode of expression.

So here we go. I am super jealous of people who don’t have to go hunting for Dr Martens anymore, they are just available on Amazon.  I don’t need to have rich parents to score a trip to Europe to get awesome multi-color boots (I went to school with a girl who DID get that trip to Europe and never thought she was cool enough to wear those Docs).

Dr Martens Women’s 5026 Mary Jane in Black Tartan Plaid, $64.99 – $69.99.

Dr Martens Men’s Adrian Tassle Loafer Tassel Loafers, $139.45.

These are so Elvis! Dr Martens Women’s 1461 Oxford, $90.95.

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