Owl and Phoenix Cookie Jars from Anthropologie

by Jamie Sanford on January 27, 2011

Can I just say that I love Anthropologie?  The collection of items that they carry is really well curated and fits into their developed aesthetic.

Of course, we know that I am drawn to owls, and now I get to feature 2 of them!

The Winking Owl Cookie Jar is available for $68.

Phoenix Cookie Jar is available for $69.95.

Wise Owl Cookie Jar is available for $128.

These are more decorative than anything else, putting cookies into something like this will probably result in a lot of broken cookies and crumbs.

Speaking of cookies, I totally cheated on making holiday cookies this year and used the fabulous pre-made dough from Pillsbury.

I can’t find it online but you can pick it up in the grocery store for a few dollars.  You open this up, slice into little discs, add sprinkles and whatnot and then bake.  They are quite delicious and since you do add a bit of yourself into the process, they let you cheat in the best way.

If you have time and the desire to do the real thing, has a massive cookie recipe index.

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Gingerbread Cookie Cutters with a twist

by Jamie Sanford on November 22, 2010

Gingerbread cookies are obviously a holiday favorite, but why not make it a little different with a touch of humor? Holiday cookies can be used as gifts, snacks, decor, so having fun with them can go a long way.

(Speaking of random, here’s a link to the gingerbread Wikipedia page.)

These gingerbread cookie cutters will make any holiday cookie that much more creepy and macabre.  I’m all about items with a little sense of humor and fun to them.  I love traditional holiday stuff as much as the next person, but I love my holiday cookies with a side of random.

Here’s a video of Anne Burrell from the Food Network making some gingerbread cookies. (Click here if you can’t see the video.)

And here are some other gingerbread cookie recipes:

The ABC (for Already Been Chewed) are available from Amazon for $11.33.

What’s your favorite holiday cookie recipe? Do you have a favorite gingerbread cookie shape?

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Premium Lobster Club Membership

by Jamie Sanford on May 30, 2010

This is prohibitively expensive, but I feel that part of what I enjoy about writing The Daily Wishlist is finding lots of things, even the ridiculous.

You get your own lobster trap for a season, which you can monitor online.

More from the website:.

A one of a kind gift only found here! Enjoy the rewards of having your own personal lobstermen and lobster trap catching lobsters just for you. Your partnership provides you with a minimum of 13 gourmet lobster dinners delivered anywhere in the country with free shipping! (Over 52 1.5lb. lobsters, clams, mussels, desserts, and more). As a partner, you will be assigned a private lobsterman that will fish your trap all season. Join the excitement of hauling traps and discovering what you’ve caught by monitoring your lobster trap online. You’ll feel like you can catch your own lobster, even if you can’t make it to Maine!

Enjoy the rewards of Catch a Piece of Maine by requesting your lobster dinners, caught by your lobsterman, to be shipped to whomever you choose, whenever you want, wherever you like. To make your lobster dinners even more memorable, our Captains will actually give you a call the day your lobster dinners arrive. Share this rare experience with your family, friends, or a group of co-workers for everyone to enjoy. We invite you to come aboard our lobster boat in Maine to meet the lobstermen and see first hand how your dinner is harvested. Choose this remarkable gift for yourself or to surprise your family, friends, or business associates. Order today and reserve your own piece of Maine.

I really like to eat lobster, so I’m sure this would be a great gift for another lobster lover.  Impractical, yes, but now you have something to talk about the next time someone orders lobster when you’re out to dinner.

You can Catch a Piece of Maine for a mere $2,995.

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