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Nothing But Trouble (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on October 10, 2011

75. Nothing But Trouble (available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video)

Here is the trailer for Nothing But Trouble.

[youtube o0Q1vQkJqC8]

Nothing But Trouble is a movie I had completely forgotten about, but was reminded of by my wonderful friend Tiffany.  I watched this movie on a sketchy VHS a lot of times, because I didn’t remember the beginning so much.  Anyway, the story centers around Chevy Chase, a financial publisher (important distinction) and Demi Moore, a lawyer who has been screwed over by her client/boyfriend.  They intend to crash an event in Atlantic City, end up taking some of Chevy Chase’s Brazilian clients with them on their road trip.

A little detour for a picnic results in a high-speed chase, a pat-down by John Candy, and a trip to a little town called Valkenvania. They have a showdown with a creepy judge played by Dan Akroyd, who is scary and a bit gross in this movie.

They get detained for the night, and the rest of the movie is dealing with a giant crazy mansion, bizarre characters, and an appearance by Digital Underground, which at the time featured a young Tupac Shakur.  This movie nearly defines the word random.

Nothing But Trouble is available on DVD from Amazon for $5.98.

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100 Films in 2011: About Last Night

by Jamie Sanford on February 16, 2011

Maybe this month, I will focus on 80s movies.  My husband is horrified at my current movie picks, but maybe I’ll get to more classic movies in March.

11. About Last Night (This movie is available to stream on Netflix)

Here’s the trailer for About Last Night (side note: trailers in the 80s are sort of hilarious):

[youtube f_m-B4cxmHE]

So this movie centers around a relationship that builds out of an initial one-night stand between Demi Moore and Rob Lowe.

Was Rob Lowe the Robert Pattinson of the 1980s?

Anyway, this is one of the Brat Pack movies.  Click through to see all of the movies considered in that list – I’ve already talked about Pretty in Pink this year, and I have my DVR set to record St. Elmo’s Fire later tonight, so that will be up on the blog soon.

Sorry, got sidetracked.  Anyway, Rob and Demi meet at a bar, have sex, then end up getting into an actual relationship.  They interact with each other and their friends James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins.  The friends in this story seem to be hell-bent on the relationship between Rob and Demi ending, and James Belushi won’t stop using the word “broad” which just sounds gross coming out of his mouth.  I won’t even go into the 80s fashions in this film.  The Breakfast Club (which I’ll so be writing about at some point too) came out the year before and everything seemed so much more flattering.  Demi Moore keeps wearing sweaters that are 8 times too big for her and it’s just sad.  Even moreso when you get to the part of the movie where she is naked and you can see just what a disservice she’s doing herself by wearing those heinous sweaters.

Unfortunately you can’t see the size of the sweater, but I think you get the idea.  The hair is also pretty hot.

I am not really interested in watching this movie again anytime soon.  I think I had only seen parts of it before, and it just seemed really odd to me.  I don’t want to spoil it, but since it’s like 25 years old I don’t know how much of a big deal it is.  If you don’t really know the person you’re dating, why the hell would you move in with them?  Isn’t that a big step?

Anyway, the movie has good moments, I would definitely watch it on Netflix but probably wouldn’t buy it on DVD.

Having said that, About Last Night on DVD is available for $7.49 from Amazon.

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