Instagram Roundup #45

by Jamie Sanford on June 19, 2013

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In the first week of June, I traveled to Savannah for work. This roundup is a recap of that trip. (Minus a dining experience that I will review later.)

I took US Air, which is not my normal airline. Nice views in Terminal A at Newark.

This is my carry-on bag. It’s a Diane von Furstenberg tiger-striped suitcase that I bought years ago, and have NEVER regretted. It’s lovely.

It was hella hot in Savannah, I cranked my room to “meat cooler” when I arrived.

Lovely view of the swampy golf course and a water tower before a day-long meeting.

Since I missed 10,000 tweets, I took this picture when I got 11,111. Excuse my super dusty screen, I brought my little travel computer along.

Found this slightly creepy deer statue in the warehouse. I don’t know why the deer is in pain.

This was my view of the outdoors while trolling around the dark warehouse for the drink machine.

This was happening when I went to fly out. Tropical Storm Andrea was busy making it rain like hell. My parents came to visit and had to drive home in that mess.

This was amazing. Mom brought me homemade chocolate chip cookies to take home, in a super-sealed set of plastic bags, including this one with little frogs with crowns. I collected frogs in my younger years, and it has never really left the building.

Travel reviews coming up soon.

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Instagram Roundup #22

by Jamie Sanford on January 12, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Late this week, I’m a bit out of commission.

Saved all of Will’s bottle caps from vacation.

My bangs continue to be bangin’. These are the best bangs ever. I got them from Kristy at Shear Wonders salon in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Finally went to see Les Miserables. Having been an insane fan of the musical, this was a must-see. I mostly loved it.

Another night of emergency vehicles in my parking lot. This time they came and went within like 10 minutes.

Doodlegram. I drew this while making my MRI appointment.

Will made this grilled cheese. It is perfect. More so because he also MADE THE BREAD. He is awesome.

Saw this in the Noritake archives at the office. It might be antique, or something that was just a sample and was never mass produced. Either way, I totally want the set to go with the deer theme in my house. Look at the handles!

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Deer Antler Wine Rack

by Jamie Sanford on September 8, 2010

…and sometimes you can take the love of antlers just a bit too far.

I mean, I guess if you are really into antler decor, that this would be totally cool.  I should probably shut my mouth as I’m sure that many people wouldn’t consider using deer as decor at all, and I have my “homage to Dad” giant deer head decals over my television.

Anyway, if you’re interested in storing your wine in a set of fake deer horns, this rack is available on Amazon for $58.50.

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Deer Print Scarf

by Jamie Sanford on September 7, 2010

I have sort of inadvertently collected scarves and pashminas over the last few years. Totally unintentional and only last week did I notice how many, when I installed hooks in my bedroom to keep them all in one place.

That doesn’t stop me from wanting this one immediately.

I love this print, I love the green of the scarf.  However, what’s great is that Etsy seller Pretty Raccoon has a listing for a custom scarf order where you can pick the color of the scarf and what print you want applied. Very cool.

I think this would be a really cool bridesmaid gift.  It is tough to buy something for a number of people that is the same (I went with Coach wristlets which I knew everyone would love) – but this would allow for variation within the same gift.

The green scarf is available for $21 on Etsy.

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Product Review & Recommendation: Deer Head Wall Decals

by Jamie Sanford on June 26, 2010

I own this product, so I can provide an honest opinion about it.  I paid for it myself, no disclosing needs to be done.

Feast your eyes on these 3 massive deer head wall decals!

I have these incredibly large deer heads over my entertainment center.  For me, it was a nod to the real deer heads that adorn the walls in the “game” room at my parents’ house.

I was a bit worried about the application process – we had never done any sort of application like this before and so it was a learning experience.  However, the fine people of Decor Designs do provide a link to this video, which helped a lot.

My advice to anyone doing this is to take it very slow and be meticulous about rubbing the decal onto the wall.  If it is done properly, it is easy to peel off the backing and end up with a spectacular result.

Decor Designs has a big selection of wall decals available in their Etsy shop, and the deer head decals are available for $44.99.

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