My next product pick are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. These are a fairly new addition if you dig this to the arsenal of nail products available, but I only recently had a real try with them.

I had purchased a set of these when they first came out, and when I finally went to use them, they appeared to have dried out. I do see a warning on the Sally Hansen product page warning of strips drying out after they are opened, but I don’t remember now if they had been previously opened. Either way, the actual strips are in a sealed package inside the box, so keep them in there until you are ready to apply!  Because of the dry factor, I only managed to do an accent nail last time. However, in celebration of the start of the 2013 Formula One season, I picked these up. They are called Check Please. Here are the results:

How great are these?!? They looked amazing, and they had no chips until 4 days after application – and it was a small chip on the tip of my index finger which will always chip first. My application was not at all perfect, but it wasn’t nearly as hard as I anticipated, and again, the staying power is ridiculously good. You remove the strips with normal nail polish remover, and that took some work in my previously discussed Target Dip-It polish remover tub. They are seriously sticky once applied.  I got tons of compliments on the nails in person, including being slightly accosted by a diner waitress who had some impressive claws of her own.

I think I will reach for these again when I’m going into a situation where I will not want to do my nails – I’m thinking long weekends, vacations, or any time when I want to have one of the lovely designs on my hands. Check out a big selection to shop from here on Amazon. I bought this recent set at CVS for something around $13 (I went for them as I got $5 in CVS bucks in return) The prices are much lower on Amazon, but I’m sure shipping charges may come into play as well.

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects?

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Instagram Roundup #29

by Jamie Sanford on February 27, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups! Saw baby Trent Reznor in Entertainment Weekly. Nice precursor to finding out that Nine Inch Nails will be BACK on tour this year. Say goodbye to all of my money. The loss of the stickers on my bumper made me mourn the eventual loss of the ones on my laptop, so I took a picture. I have already requested replacement GB and Mind The Gap stickers from my mom and nana, since they are going to England soon. Sparkly Oscars. I am so happy that Argo won for Best Picture and that Ben got to deliver what was essentially his Best Director speech. If only I could look this awesome when falling. I am totally in love with her after her Oscar appearance, she is REAL and I love it. Saw this amongst the design books in the office. I can’t decide if this is heinously sexist or not. Product love – I’ve been using these Detoxifying Cleansing Towelettes from CVS for a while for makeup removal, but I have not talked about them. They are great! Plus they are often on sale for BOGO 50% off. Plus they count towards your beauty purchase total at CVS, which eventually amounts to CVS bucks. See you next week!

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Polish Project #29

by Jamie Sanford on September 13, 2012

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112. Sally Hansen LCD
113. Sally Hansen Wavelength
114. Sally Hansen Hue

Hello, my little pretties. These are all Sally Hansen Hi-Definition nail colors, and were all obtained during the CVS Clearance Sale. They were something crazy like $1.60 each. I totally bought them during my nail-bargo, but I didn’t care because THE SAVINGS!

You’ll notice I’m using a nail wheel here. This is because these polishes are made of clear nail polish and magic and tend to change based on the polish you use underneath. For this reason, I knew I was always going to keep them all, because it’s going to provide lots of fun testing time. But you can see that painted straight on, they are pretty similar to how they look in the bottle. LCD is less pigmented than Wavelength and Hue.

Blurry, but you can see the blurple flecky shimmer happening in this picture of LCD.

Here’s Wavelength by itself. There are flecks here too, but they look more textured in this image than they are in real life.

Looks like Hue had the same problem.

Thoughts: These all stay. I plan to continue with manicure posts when I’m done with the official project (which is totally soon!) and these will definitely be fun to keep experimenting with. It’s too bad they are discontinued!
Verdict: As stated, they get to stay on the shelf!

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Polish Project #6

by Jamie Sanford on July 10, 2012

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31. A England Princess Tears
31.5. Sinful Colors Hottie

I added Hottie over this later and didn’t photograph it. Oh well.

Thoughts: Princess Tears is a nice polish, good formula and application, and holo is fun, but I thought it would be lavender and it’s more grey than anything else. Weird. The hottie is a standard sparkly topcoat. I don’t need another bottle of standard sparkle topcoat.
Verdict: I’ll keep Princess Tears but Hottie is going to the share bin.

My next manicure is the one I have loved more than any of the previous ones, so it will get its own post. So I’m going to talk about polish experimentation night with my bff David. David came to visit for the week and ended up staying over for a few nights, and you can’t be in my apartment right now without noticing the polishes. I have the shelf on the inside of a closet, but as the project is going on, I’ve been collecting the tested polishes on top of the entertainment center. (Don’t judge me, it’s a small place.) Anyway, I ended up giving David his own testing wheel and we went to town.

The nail in the front is a preview of my next manicure, because it’s a version of what you see there. I also tested out crackle polish again, and I think I missed it. I was so over it for a minute, but I have 4 bottles and so I should try using them a bit. Mostly, black crackle looks fantastic over highlighter yellow neon.  I’m sure I’ll do that in full soon.

I also will talk next time about how the CVS secret beauty clearance event has completely blown my “no buying” rule with polish. They were 75% off and I could not resist. More on that to come.

What’s your current favorite nail polish?

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