Link Tank #7

by Jamie Sanford on November 22, 2013

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I haven’t watched The Breakfast Club in a while.

Related – this Breakfast Club print on Etsy is darling.

Gizmodo: 98 Incredible Photos of Levitation.

Joy the Baker: Dulce de Leche Cupcakes.

How to Create a Flowchart in Word 2007, from How To Geek.

I have to try making this Asparagus Tart. It looks pretty simple!

This is old, but still an interesting interview with Courtney Love about addiction. She has a book coming out and I will definitely be reading it.

Rose McGowan’s wedding was gorgeous, which does not surprise me at all. I love her.

She Has Had It is hilarious and brilliant. Should be required reading for hags.

Mother-daughter artwork collaboration, gorgeous and whimsical.

RuPaul’s birthday generated this AMAZING gif wall on NewNowNext.

See you next month!

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Instagram Roundup #10

by Jamie Sanford on October 16, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

The “didn’t quite get my picture with Martha Stewart” special edition.

So on Monday, October 15th, Will and I went to the Martha Stewart Weddings Bridal Fashion Week Party held at the Starrett-Lehigh Conservatory at the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia building. I had seen photos of this event in the past, and was excited to finally attend! It was an evening of lots of white, an actual wedding, delicious cocktails and some of the cutest food ever.

The bar was huge! I wish I had taken a picture of the name of my martini. Ginger something-tini I think. I did not take a picture of the gourmet Jell-O shots that we had by Marcia Selden. They were fabulous.

This was a mini cupcake with pralines from Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes. Shout out to them, NJ representing!

Lots of sparkle, florals and white furniture setting a festive mood.

More of the flowers.

This is so blurry but you can see the delicious edible engagement ring.

This is a henna-inspired cake by Creme Delicious. I also had a mini wedding cake cookie from Creme Delicious that was heavenly.

Here is a random shot of us during the party.

Martha Stewart appeared with Darcy Miller to officiate an actual wedding!

I saw this couple on the Today Show a while back, Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling have been married a bunch of times. This was the 26th wedding on 26th street.

Wide shot of the wedding.

I was determined to get a photo with Martha but right after this, she was whisked away by her security ninjas.

Lost Will for a bit, but found him at the bar.

Because they think of everything, there was amazing live mood music in the elevator corridor when you entered the party. Exited as well, of course.

Our final stop of the night was the Gorilla Cheese truck, where our rubber bling scored us some sample-sized grilled cheeses to go.

I don’t have pictures, but I did spy Sylvia Weinstock (who is impossible to miss), Randy Fennoli (I didn’t put together who he was until 2 hours later, this is what I get for not actually watching Say Yes To The Dress), and Austin Scarlett. I went up to Austin and congratulated him on his new collection, which from all of the images I saw, is really gorgeous. He seemed genuinely happy to hear it, which was really lovely and endearing.

Thanks to the party team at Martha Stewart Weddings for a great time! See you next year!

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Billy’s Bakery – Holiday Food Shopping

by Jamie Sanford on December 6, 2011

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking a meeting where Billy’s Bakery cupcakes were provided. Since they were super fabulous and delicious, I figured that I would check out the Billy’s Bakery website and see what else they have to offer.

If you are in NYC, you can have Billy’s Bakery delivered to you by a real person, but since I imagine that most of the readers of this blog do not live in NYC, I will stick to only the items that can be shipped.

You can get cute little gift packages in different denominations.  This is the $40 gift package. Look at the tin!

My mother makes delicious baby banana breads, and my husband makes it too. I love it. So I’m all about ordering a 6-pack of these mini banana breads to use as holiday gifts, since I don’t actually make it. The box of 6 mini Banana Nut loaves is available from Billy’s Bakery for $18.

I can TOTALLY vouch for the cupcakes, they were most and delicious and decadent, and really, that’s what cupcakes should be all about. I picked the classic cupcake sampler here, but they have chocolate, vanilla, red velvet (which I had and it was super good) – you can pick whichever cupcake combination you want.  The classic cupcake sampler dozen is available for $36.

Remember what I said about the red velvet? They have a whole cake you can get! For $45, you can feed 10-12 people this deliciousness.

Another favorite of mine (my Dad too) is peanut butter cookies, and these look really yummy.  The package of 6 cookies is available from Billy’s Bakery for $4.50.

If you need to order a sweet gift for the holidays, I would recommend checking out Billy’s Bakery. Those cupcakes were super good, so I have high hopes for everything else on their menu.

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Sunday Link Party!

by Jamie Sanford on July 19, 2010

This is the 10th link party. I’m excited for having stuck to it.

Photo of the week – me and my mom at her birthday party in April – only uploaded this week.

Mom and me.

You can tell that I'm her kid, at least a little bit.

From Apartment Therapy: Beautiful chandeliers inspired by nature.

From The Kitchn: What Makes You Crave a Dish?

Joy the Baker made cupcakes with peanut butter that look amazing. In my mind I would love to bake more often, but having the oven on in the summer is just ridiculous.  I’ll stockpile recipes for the fall.

Fashionista has a slideshow of things you can buy that will benefit the oil spill cleanup efforts.

My friend Christina and I have a friendship that owes itself to a shared love of Wayne’s World, as we spent many a long bus ride to school in 7th grade quoting the movie. This is a favorite.

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