Eclipse: The Official Movie Companion

by Jamie Sanford on April 29, 2010

For the uninitiated, the final trailer for the upcoming movie Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga, was released last week.

I am a Twi-hard and so will be with friends at a midnight showing to see this on June 30th.  Here’s the trailer:

I know you’re dying to see it.

Anyway, for the Twilight fan in your life, you can now pre-order The Official Illustrated Companion for the upcoming film.  I do have these from both Twilight and New Moon, and they are beautifully done.  There is great information about the production and what went into it, along with tons of great photos from the making of the movie and the movie itself.

The Eclipse Illustrated Companion is available from Amazon now, on pre-order, for only $10.24.

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