Spam Comments Appealing to My Ego

by Jamie Sanford on May 27, 2010

We have reached a new low, or have we?

On my other blog, I am getting spam comments a lot, probably because of the content, I talk about shopping and post links to lots of online shopping opportunities.

Most of the comments are obviously crap, and most don’t get through the spam filter.  However, this is a little something different.

Yay for me! Wow, someone thinks that search engines should find my post about buying a Bonsai tree and make it the top search result for related searches!

Oh, wait.

So, maybe not so much.

Chris Brogan talked about a similar situation, but his spammer left a comment relevant to the post.  What is better?  Since I don’t have nearly as many readers as Chris, maybe this person felt like flattery was the way to go, in terms of “what can I do to get through the filter and then NOT get manually flagged as spam?”

Too bad for you, “study abroad scholarships,” I think enough of my content that I will not be keeping your spammery around.

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How Best to Comment on a Corporate Blog.

by Jamie Sanford on April 23, 2009

This is one in a series of posts pulled from Chris Brogan’s “100 blog topics I hope YOU write.” (#7)

Photo credit, gregoconnell

  1. Do not ramble.
  2. Research your facts, back up your comments with data where applicable.
  3. Be respectful, no matter the tone of your comment.
  4. Only comment if you have something useful to add to the conversation. It is certainly alright to disagree with the original post, just do it in a manner that doesn’t make all of the readers shut you out for being rude. Try to avoid posting “I agree” and nothing else, which just fills space on the page.
  5. Be honest about who you are, your email address, etc. In a corporate situation, I think it is highly appropriate to make yourself known to those within the discussion. This will lend credibility to your comments.

What are your guidelines for posting on a corporate blog?

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