@ComcastSteve saves the day.

by Jamie Sanford on September 17, 2009

I am a few weeks late in posting this but better late than never, I’ve got many drafts of blog posts that are incomplete, but with 5 days of coursework remaining, I intend to get back into blogging!

I’ll let the tweets tell this story.





This tweet was followed by a DM from @ComcastSteve where he asked for my home number to try and locate me an appropriate cable box that I could pick up.  I sent another DM back with my phone number.




@ComcastSteve responded to me within minutes.  He was super pleasant and helpful.  I responded by giving him positive love online with happy tweets and a Facebook status update:

Facebook status.

From where I’m standing, Comcast is doing a GREAT job handling online customer service.  I told everyone I know that I was so excited about having gotten such a quick and helpful response.

However, I had spent the previous 4 days or so complaining because the customer service I received over the phone and the 2 times I drove to the physical location was nowhere near as good as what @ComcastSteve gave me in 5 minutes.  Does this leave me happy? Yes.  However, it’s a bigger problem that the majority of the Comcast customer service team are not this interested in ensuring customer satisfaction.

I personally think that @ComcastSteve should be leading training sessions for the Comcast reps who answer the phone, at the very least.

What would you have Comcast do to improve this situation?

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