Coach ColorTag – Saffron

by Jamie Sanford on August 1, 2012

I had fun with Coach’s Poppy Project from 2010, so I’m happy that they invited me to join in again in their new ColorTag contest! I picked Saffron, since one of my greatest bag loves is a Coach bag in Saffron.

Coach is celebrating color to honor the new Legacy Collection (which is delicious and can be seen here), and is counting on bloggers to spread colors all over the Interwebs. By clicking and sharing the colors you see, you can win one of many gift cards to Coach, worth up to $500! Random gift card prizes will show up during the tagging/sharing process.

So, tag these colors by clicking and then linking/sharing on your own blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc – and each time, you’ll have a chance to win a Coach gift card. Get to it!

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