Herb & Dorothy (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on November 14, 2011

84. Herb & Dorothy (Available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon)

Here is the trailer for Herb & Dorothy.

[youtube vma2T5luy08]

Herb & Dorothy is the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel, an unlikely pair of art collectors who managed to amass one of the greatest personal art collections in the world.  He was a postal worker and she a librarian, and while they started out as artists themselves, they grew into serious art collectors.

These unlikely collectors of art started attending gallery openings and shows, connecting with artists and buying pieces of art that they enjoyed and could afford.  Developing relationships with up-and-coming artists gave them early access to works, and also assisted them when the artists became more prominent, and their works more expensive.

All of the artwork collected by Herb and Dorothy had piled up in their apartment in NYC, no small feat based on the size.  After years of offers from museums and such to buy their collection, they donated a majority of their collection to The National Gallery in Washington, DC, where they had gone during their honeymoon.

I really loved this movie.  Since my dad is a postal worker and my mom works at the library, I find these two extra interesting.  (My parents are not art collectors, btw.)  Herb & Dorothy are still collecting art, still living in NYC, and are working on a new project to bring artwork to museums in all of the 50 states of the US.  Check out their new project here.

Herb & Dorothy is available on DVD from Amazon for $18.99.

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