Instagram Roundup #7

by Jamie Sanford on September 26, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I love this sample I received for spending 100 Sephora points. It’s pretty big! Also, I didn’t notice myself in that reflection until just now.

I think this came in the Sephora box as well. I didn’t look much younger after using it, but it certainly felt like it was trying to burn the age off of my skin.

Find me a disco ball or spinning rainbow lights, and I’m taking a picture. This one is from Suite Bar.

Found this at Target during Fashion Week. Werk.

I have played more Skyrim than I care to admit. I took a picture of my character for posterity. I have no idea who designed this armor to have weird breast windows. Not the safest when people around have swords and shoot fireballs.

Best thing about early morning meetings in the city is the view on the drive in. Particularly enjoyable when the weather is as great as we have had lately.

I am really excited to have received my invitation to the Martha Stewart Weddings Bridal Fashion Week Party. Now I have to figure out what to wear.

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Coach ColorTag – Saffron

by Jamie Sanford on August 1, 2012

I had fun with Coach’s Poppy Project from 2010, so I’m happy that they invited me to join in again in their new ColorTag contest! I picked Saffron, since one of my greatest bag loves is a Coach bag in Saffron.

Coach is celebrating color to honor the new Legacy Collection (which is delicious and can be seen here), and is counting on bloggers to spread colors all over the Interwebs. By clicking and sharing the colors you see, you can win one of many gift cards to Coach, worth up to $500! Random gift card prizes will show up during the tagging/sharing process.

So, tag these colors by clicking and then linking/sharing on your own blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc – and each time, you’ll have a chance to win a Coach gift card. Get to it!

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Coach Leather Alexandra Satchel in Saffron (My Stuff)

by Jamie Sanford on January 24, 2012

New segment!

I did threaten a style project last year, and I have failed at it. I still mostly wear safe things that are black. The most exciting recent additions to my wardrobe are more skirts, which hardly count as earth-shattering. Either way, I am excited about certain pieces of clothing and accessories that I own, so let’s share that.

This is Alexandra, a Coach leather satchel that I received as a Christmas present from my husband.  I don’t normally do this, but I totally bought it for myself.  This beauty was a purchase from the Coach online outlet, which shows up a few times a year.  I got on the mailing list and so checked it out when I got the invitation.  As seen here on the cached page on the Coach site, the Alexandra satchel was originally $358, but I scored this one in Saffron for about $170. I also got a fabulous purple leather wallet.

Oh wow, it’s actually over $450 from an Amazon seller.

The only Coach item I’ve owned before was a pocket wallet that I got years ago at the Woodbury Commons outlet mall.  It has lasted through a lot of abuse and I use it all the time as my main wallet.  The purple one is quite big, so I use that one for all of the other cards and documents I need to have but don’t access very much.  I was drawn to these items specifically because they are not a big Coach logo fest, which I’m not into and have discussed before on the blog.  The leather is quite buttery and soft, and I really love this bag.  It’s a bit smaller than my recent bags which is an issue if I want to carry my camera around, but I can work it out.

DSC07629So, here is me with Alexandra, a few days after Christmas at the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg, FL.  Also in the photo are my vacation hair (flatiron free!), giant sunglasses, blue topaz necklace, black t-shirt, black velvet blazer, jeans and black boots.  Obviously, my new bag is the star of this otherwise standard/boring outfit.

More “My Stuff” posts hopefully to come soon.

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Sunday Link Party!

by Jamie Sanford on November 7, 2010

I really need to write other content. I have considered moving the Sunday Link Party over to The Daily Wishlist, because I write there so regularly, but I don’t know where it really fits.

Photo of the week, a picture of Alan Shepard‘s spacesuit that I took while at Kennedy Space Center in September.

Wider view of Alan Shepard's space suit.
Jasmine Star gives good advice for your first photography shoot.

Thanksgiving 101 from Martha Stewart. Get ready!

I’m so excited for this Coach party next Friday, Coach is having a fabulous collaboration with a bunch of my favorite bloggers! (The link is to The Glamourai.)

Another beautiful wedding, as seen on Rock n’ Roll Bride.

Fasten Seat Belts 2.

Another image from our trip to Florida, at Fantasy of Flight.

Did I post a link to Hungover Owls yet? It cracks me up.

Flickr stream of the week, one of my oldest contacts, pyza*, who has taken hamster photography to a new level.

Another awesome IKEA hack, this time using my pen holder as a lampshade.

…and my YouTube video of the week is a “best of Liz Lemon” clip reel, as 30 Rock is one of my favorite shows.

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Update on the Coach Poppy Project!

by Jamie Sanford on August 31, 2010

Update – The Daily Wishlist is up to Level 2, but is still trailing at position #106! Tag a tweet with #dailywishlist to help the cause, and visit the site to check for a Coach Poppy bag in the sidebar! If you see one, click it for a prize!

As the prize for winning this contest is a $2500 Coach gift card, I will share $500 of that with the person who tweets the hashtag the most times and helps me win!

Hi everyone,

Readers of this blog know that I really enjoy the latest items from the Coach Poppy Collection. Well, I’ve joined the Poppy Project! If you are reading this via the feed, please come to the site and see the post here.

Here’s how you can participate and be eligible for Coach prizes, and to maybe help me get one too. 🙂

1. Click the Facebook Like button on the sidebar on the left of The Daily Wishlist. The more action that the Poppy Project gets, the more that Coach will be hooking it up with the prizes.

2. Tweet using my hashtag #dailywishlist to make the poppy pattern on this site grow. If you want to help everyone, you can tweet with #CoachPoppy as well, but obviously I won’t mind if you choose to only help grow my pattern.

3. Visit The Daily Wishlist every day (as many times as you want, actually), and check for a Poppy bag in the pattern! If you see one, click on it because you’ve won a prize!

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