Link Tank #2

by Jamie Sanford on June 21, 2013

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I totally re-watched all of season 1 of Elementary. It is definitely one of my favorite shows to ever grace my television.

Top 10 Travel Apps, from CNN.

How to write a piece to draw thousands of new readers, from Copyblogger.

Incredible levitation photos, from Gizmodo.

The top 10 least stressed states. I do not live in one. (HuffPost)

From Upworthy, maps of what your state is good at, and what it isn’t so good at.

Did you see anything about Sean Parker’s wedding? I wish I could have attended just to see how insane it was. Here are some details via The Knot.

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For those who don’t think Twitter is important…

by Jamie Sanford on August 10, 2009

I am still swamped (and obviously a few days late) but wanted to post these images for anyone who still doesn’t think that Twitter is important.

Twitter Story on CNN 1.

Twitter Story on CNN 2.

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