chunky copper

Polish Project #45

by Jamie Sanford on December 1, 2012

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155. Kleancolor Chunky Copper
156. Revlon Rain Forest

Kleancolor Chunky Copper on right (photographed with Milani Black on Black, which I used as a base coat).

Bottle porn – sparkly bits!

Weird orangey tinge to the base color and awesome glitter bits that don’t spread out very well.

Works much better over black.

Thoughts: This Kleancolor is the STINKIEST nail polish I have ever used. So many fumes. However, the end result was really fun and sparkled like crazy. This over black were my Halloween nails and I loved it.
Verdict: Totally staying, I have nothing else like this, regardless of application difficulty.

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Rain Forest.

Not so good with application. Plus, I keep breaking nails and then filing the rest down so they sort of match. Good times.

Thoughts: I saw this on a few blogs, and I love green, and I thought it was going to be amazing, but I am not in love with it.
Verdict: Share! I think Mom will get this one.

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